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Mel Bonis at age 17, painting by Charles-Auguste Corbineau (1885).
Mel Bonis at about age 50, photo ca. 1908.

Mélanie Hélène Bonis, known as Mel Bonis (b. 4th arrondissement of Paris, 21 January 1858 – d. Sarcelles (Val-d'Oise), 18 March 1937) was a prolific French classical composer. She wrote more than 300 compositions, including works for piano solo and four hands, organ pieces, chamber music, mélodies, choral music, a mass, and works for orchestra.


Chamber music[edit]

  • Suite en trio pour flûte, violon et piano, opus 59 (1903),
  • Fantaisie en septuor, pour piano, deux flûtes, deux violons, alto et violoncelle, opus 72 (1906),
  • Scènes de la forêt (Forest Scenes), flute and piano, opus 123 (1927-1928),
  • Suite dans le style ancien, for flute, violin and piano, opus 127/1 (1928),
  • Suite orientale (Oriental Suite), opus 48,
  • Soir, matin (Tonight, Morning) for piano and violin,
  • Nocturne
  • Quatuor piano et cordes en si bémol opus 68,
  • Quatuor piano et cordes en ré opus 124,
  • Sonate pour flûte et piano en do dièse mineur (Piano and Flute Sonata in A Minor) opus 64,
  • Sonate pour violoncelle et piano en fa majeur opus 67,
  • Sonate pour violon et piano en fa dièse mineur (Violin and Piano Sonata in D Minor) opus 112,
  • Different pieces for violin and piano, flute and piano.

Music for piano[edit]

In nine volumes

  • First volume: Femmes de Légende (Legendary Women)
  • Second and third volumes: Pièces Pittoresques et Poétiques (Picturesque and Poetic Pieces), I and II
  • Fourth volume: Concert pieces
  • Fifth volume: Danses et Pièces Légères
  • Sixth volume: Piano à quatre mains A
  • Seventh volume: Pièces Pittoresques et Poétiques III, seven pieces
  • Eighth volume: Piano à quatre mains B
  • Ninth volume: Deux pianos à quatre main, Scherzo opus 40 and Variations opus 85

Children's music[edit]

  • Children's Scenes, opus 92 (1912)
  • Miocheries opus 126 (1928)
  • Nine Easy Pieces (Neuf Pièces faciles), opus 148 (1936)
  • 17 Children's Pieces (17 Pièces enfantines), opus 116 (1926)
  • Album pour les tout Petits opus 103 (1913).

Organ music[edit]

  • 21 Organ Pieces, Carrara Pergame (Italy) with Toccata, Cantabile, Choral, etc.
  • 6 Unfinished Pieces

Vocal religious music[edit]


    • Les Gitanos, opus 15- 3, Orchestration by Ad. Gauwin,
  • Suite en forme de Valse
  • Suite Orientale opus 48 (1900):: Prelude, opus 48-1
  • Bourrée, Pavane, Sarabande (1909),
  • Trois Femmes de Légende (Three Legendary Women) : Salome opus 100- 2, (for piano, Ophelia, opus 165- 2 posthumous (for piano), The Song of Cleopatra opus 180- 2.

Children's orchestra[edit]

  • Burlesque Symphony, opus 185, posthumous: ballad

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