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Maandblad de Krant (formerly de Hollandse Krant) is a monthly magazine for Dutch immigrants in Canada and the United States. Since April 2008 it has been published by Mokeham Publishing Inc. of Penticton, British Columbia. Previously it was published by the Timmer Publishing Company in Langley. It appears on or about the twentieth of every month, with the exception of June (there is a combined July-August issue). Maandblad de Krant is also known to its readers as De Krant, which is Dutch for "the Newspaper". It is printed in a tabloid newspaper format.

De Krant brings a selection of news stories related to the Netherlands, but its main focus is the publication of personal columns and editorials by a number of Dutch immigrants to Canada and the United States. These include the editor, Tom Bijvoet, former publishing editors Gerard Bonekamp and Janny Bonekamp from Surrey, British Columbia, Stefanie Prins from West Vancouver, British Columbia, Monique Laarhoven Cross from Sewell, New Jersey, Aubrey Beauchamp from San Clemente, California and Anne van Arragon Hutten from Kentville, Nova Scotia. In addition to news and columns De Krant publishes letters to the editor and carries advertisements for ethnic Dutch businesses in North America.

De Krant has approximately 7,500 subscribers throughout North America. The paper is sold in a small number of "Dutch Stores" (grocery stores catering to the Dutch immigrant community) in Western Canada, Ontario, Washington and Oregon.

De Hollandse Krant first appeared in 1969.

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