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Matrimonial websites, or marriage websites, are a variation of the standard dating websites.[1][2]

Matrimonial sites are specially popular in India and among Indians settled overseas, as an alternative to the traditional marriage broker.[3] In 2006, the business of organized marriages in India was worth INR 10 billion (USD 180 Million).[4] A general study has shown that young men and women in India generally do not feel any compulsion to date since dating has not been a part of the culture historically, and love is often taken to be the total mutual dedication that comes after marriage.[citation needed]

Matrimonial sites register users, after which they are able to upload their profile onto a searchable database maintained by the website. Those users looking to find suitors search the database with customised searches that typically include nationality, age, gender, availability of photograph and often religion, geographic location and caste (mainly for websites based in India).

There have been reports of abuse of information obtained from matrimonial websites.[5][6][7][8]

A service provider may use registration profiles to filter preferences and may run several portals aimed at, for example, users belonging to a particular caste or religion.[9]

One of the major confusions in case of several matrimonial websites is that only paid/premium members are allowed to initiate conversation with prospective brides or grooms. Websites like, donot allow free members to initiate conversation or view the contact details of others. Some exceptions however exist like operated by Times Group, which allows sending messages to matches for free.

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