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Maw and Paw
Maw & Paw
Maw and Paw (art by Walter Lantz Studios).
Character information
first app.: "Maw and Paw" (1953)
last app.: "Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin" (1968)
created by: Walter Lantz Studios

Maw and Paw are Walter Lantz characters, who made their first appearance in the cartoon "Maw and Paw", in 1953. Their final appearance was in 1968, in "Feudin Fightin-N-Fussin". They are based on the Universal's popular Ma and Pa Kettle film series.


Maw and Paw are a couple who live with their children in a rural part of the US. Their pet pig Milford appears to be the most educated and therefore the brightest in the family.

A well-known running gag in the cartoons involves Paw stepping on a loose lumber of their house, causing his nose to get stuck in the hole of that wood as it flips. His eldest son would try to help him by punching his nose.

Paw is naïve and occasionally absent-minded. This naïveté sometimes results in him getting knocked out by his wife.

List of cartoons[edit]

List of appearances:

  • "Maw And Paw" (08/10/1953)[1][2]
  • "Plywood Panic" (09/28/1953)[1][3]
  • "Pig In A Pickle" (08/30/1954)[4][5]
    - later reissued as "The Piggy That Stayed Home"
  • "Paw's Night Out" (08/16?/1955)[6][7]
    - This cartoon appeared in the music video for Bamboo's Bamboogie.
  • "Fightin Feudin-N-Fussin" with Woody Woodpecker (1968)

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