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Me Too!
Me Too! UK titlecard.png
Titlecard used from Series 1 onwarda
Genre Children's
Starring Jane McCarry
Rosemary Amoani
Chris McCausland
Donald Cameron
Matthew McVarish
Elaine McKenzie Ellis
Samantha Seager
Ross Allan
Joyce Galugbo
Michelle Rodley
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 26 series 1. 26 series 2. (list of episodes)
Location(s) Glasgow
Newcastle upon Tyne
Running time 28 minutes
Original channel BBC Two (2006-)
Original run 2006 – present
Related shows Balamory
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Me Too! is a live-action television series on BBC Two and CBeebies for preschool children based around the large (fictional) community of Riverseafingal in Scotland. In reality the programme is filmed in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Newcastle upon Tyne, with some exterior shots of Manchester Metrolink trams also being used.

Me Too! is produced by Glasgow-based production company Tattiemoon. One of the Directors is Andrew Agnew, Balamory's famous Policeman PC Plum. Two of Bobby's helpers cleaning the buses are Stevie Robertson (the husband of Jane Robertson who also worked on the show) and Jamie Gash.

The Series[edit]

The series follows six parents and their children including Lisa, Jack, Rebecca, Kai and a dog called Sampson who are apart during the day as the children go to Granny Murray's and the parents go to work. At various points in the programme the parent will think of their child and a 'think puff' will travel across the city to Granny Murray's. The programme then alternates between what the parents are doing at work and what the children are doing with Granny Murray. One of the aims behind the series is to reassure children of working parents who go to childminders that their parents are always thinking of them. In addition, children get a view into an adult's working day (simplified and more entertaining than a real work day for children's benefit). Each day's plot hinges on a problem that develops at work and the main character's "race against time" to sort it out. Granny Murray has always provided a kernel of wisdom during the programme's opening that helps in solving the problem. The programme features much usage of clocks and time, and hence also aims to teach young children to tell the time.


The show returned to CBeebies in December 2006. However some viewers were annoyed to find that the original songs had been "re-composed", but with the original lyrics remaining in place. The reason for this is still unclear. Fans on the BBC Parenting message board have observed that there were previous complaints about the original songs being too fast, unmemorable and difficult for children to learn. The question of copyright issues was also raised as a possibility, unverified. A Tattiemoon representative states only that the staff of the programme have been "working on the new songs for a long time." (Tattiemoon email letter sent to multiple enquirers.)

Main characters[edit]


Character Job Played by
Granny Murray Childminder Jane McCarry
Dr Juno Doctor Rosemary Amoani
Mickey John School teacher Donnie Cameron
Raymond Buffet car manager Matthew McVarish
Tina Taxicab driver Elaine Mackenzie Ellis
Bobby[1] Bus cleaner Samantha Seager
Nurse Hendry Nurse Ross Allan
Rudi Market stall trader Chris McCausland
Chuck Ferryboat band musician Joyce Galugbo
Louie Ferryboat band musician Michelle Rodley[2]


Character Parent(s) Played by
Lisa Tina and Raymond Lisa Irvine
Rebecca Mickey John Rebecca Morrow
Kai Bobby Kai Ross
Jack Rudi and Louie Jack McGarril


Animal Owner
Sampson Dr.Juno

Other Adults[edit]

Stevie Robertson (Bus Cleaner), Jamie Gash (Bus Cleaner), Skip Reid (Market Stall Vendor)


Series 1[edit]

  • Episode 1

I Want to Dance Raymond wants someone to buy his chocolate mousse in the buffet car.

  • Episode 2

Fireworks Granny Murray takes the children to a fireworks display at the castle, but Bobby worries it might be scary.

  • Episode 3

The Rattle Tina hears noises while she is driving, and thinks there must be a carnival in town.

  • Episode 4

I Want to See the Parade Doctor Juno creates carnival fun in the hospital to make up for not being able to see the local parade.

  • Episode 5

Bumps in the Night A storm hits Riverseafingal and breaks Bobby's broom.

  • Episode 6

The Puncture The old swing in Granny Murray's garden gets thrown out but Tina thinks she can replace it.

  • Episode 7

Paper Mountain The children have fun with paper, and Mickey John learns about recycling.

  • Episode 8

Baby The gang awaits the baby's arrival, but father Bruce goes for a walk at a vital moment.

  • Episode 9

Roadworks Riverseafingal is beset with roadworks, so Rudi recruits some helpers to sell fruit and vegetables somewhere quieter.

  • Episode 10

I Want To Stay Up All Night When Kai declares he wants to stay up all night, Granny Murray enlists the help of Bobby to get him to sleep.

  • Episode 11

The Juicer Mickey John feels hot in the sun, but later realises what a help it can be to him.

  • Episode 12

Less Rush Doctor Juno has a busy day and forgets to take a patient's plaster off, until she is reminded by Tina.

  • Episode 13

I Want to Say Goodnight Bobby misses her routine goodnight call and dashes across the city to put things right.

  • Episode 14

Granny Murray's Potato Recipes Rudi finds himself running low on supplies because Granny Murray's potato recipes are so popular.

  • Episode 15

Fruit Bus Bobby cleans the bus in preparation for a healthy eating campaign.

  • Episode 16

Fantastical Mickey John tells a story about a king and queen, and the children draw pictures of the characters.

  • Episode 17

Ratatouille Rudi misplaces Raymond's list of ingredients for Granny Murray's ratatouille, but luckily remembers what is in it.

  • Episode 18

The Kiss Raymond acts strangely as he awaits a visit from jazz singer Edith Budge.

  • Episode 19

Cheese and Tomato Toasties Raymond eats a lot of tasty cheese toasties, leaving him short of bread.

  • Episode 20

Strawberries Tina helps Rudi collect strawberries from Hayes Farm to sell at his stall.

  • Episode 21

Market Cries Granny Murray takes the children to the park and to the market, where they learn about working in a team.

  • Episode 22

The Pet Bobby is `chosen' by an abandoned kitten so she decides to take it home and keep it as a pet.

  • Episode 23

Harlequin Day Doctor Juno has been too busy working and sorting out the Harlequin Day to organise the opening.

  • Episode 24

Driving Lesson Granny Murray shows the children lots of cars, and Tina takes Bobby for a driving lesson in her taxi.

  • Episode 25

Signs Rudi has too many pears to sell so comes up with an idea to help get rid of them.

  • Episode 26

Castle Rocks Everyone sets off to a concert to see the Ferry Boat Band, but guest singer Doctor Juno is held up at the hospital.

  • Episode 27

Give a Wave Day Bobby does not realise she has been given special instructions to decorate the buses - but manages to set things right in the nick of time.

  • Episode 28

Creative Train Mess and disorganisation leave Raymond frustrated, so he sorts out the activities for the Creative Train day in the buffet car.

  • Episode 29

Parking Tina wants to do her shopping and pick up Lisa from Granny Murray's, but has trouble finding a parking space.

  • Episode 30

Fashion Show Tina delivers outfits for the college fashion show to the town hall, with a little help from Granny Murray.

  • Episode 31

Story Bus Bobby makes a special picture book for Kai by using old bus adverts.

  • Episode 32

Don't Touch Mickey John asks Doctor Juno to talk to his class about dangers in the home.

  • Episode 33

The School Trip Mickey John forgets to remind the children to bring packed lunches for the school trip, so he asks Raymond to prepare the food.

  • Episode 34

The Planetarium Granny Murray's children look at stars through Mickey John's telescope.

  • Episode 35

The Robot Bobby wants to get Kai a present, but runs out of time to go shopping and ends up making a simple robot instead.

  • Episode 36

Niggles Everyone is annoyed with Raymond's grumpy mood, so he decides to decorate the buffet car to make amends.

  • Episode 37

Seaside Run Tina forgets to get petrol for her vehicle in the rush to prepare for the taxi drivers' annual day trip to the seaside with the children.

  • Episode 38

The Hat Parade The gang prepare for a hat parade at the People's Palace in the park, but Tina's headgear gets broken.

  • Episode 39

Play Safe Granny Murray takes Sampson and the children to try out skating, while Doctor Juno starts a safety campaign.

  • Episode 40

Running Out Louie is ill and Rudi is so busy looking after her, he forgets to order stock for his stall. He runs out of things to sell, so calls on Tina for help.

  • Episode 41

Painting by Numbers Mickey John teaches how to mix colours during an art lesson.

  • Episode 42

Leaky Bus Bobby arranges for a leaking bus to be serviced, and has a broken toy mended for Kai.

  • Episode 43

Clean Floors Raymond takes much pride in how clean and safe he keeps his buffet car, but when Mickey John demonstrates his steam engine to Raymond, it leaves oil on the floor. Will Raymond realise and clean it up in time before there is an accident?

  • Episode 44

Precious Tina visits a hospital when she gets a small ring stuck on her finger.

  • Episode 45

Fruit Race Rudi has to decorate the finish line of the fruit race before the winner crosses it.

  • Episode 46

Grumpy Doctor Juno tries to cheer up a grumpy Nurse Hendry.

  • Episode 47

Fun with Words Mickey John sends his class to sleep while teaching poetry, before calling on Tina and Raymond to help wake them up.

The above list is the episodes from the first series. Series two is missing.


Within Riverseafingal, there are many locations:

  • Granny Murray's House
  • Castle Market
  • The Castle
  • Harlequin Hospital
  • The School
  • Riverseafingal Bus Depot
  • Taxi Garage
  • Train Station and Train buffet car
  • London


All the music has been composed by Lester Barnes and during the course of each episode, a wide range of songs are played:

  • Me Too Theme Song (Played twice, beginning and end)
  • Granny Murray's House (Only a short two line song)
  • I'm on my Way to Work today (A song the adults sing. Viewers are meant to shout 'left', 'right', 'up', or 'down' when the adults say: "which way do I go?")
  • I'm In In In In In A Hurry!! (An alternative song to 'The Way to Work', the adults only sing it if they are in a hurry and do not have time to walk to work. Introduced in the new series)
  • I Love My Train (Raymond's main song)
  • Bobby Boogie-Woogie (Bobby's main song)
  • Big Pink Taxi (Tina's main song)
  • The Market (Rudi's main song)
  • The School House (Mickey John's main song)
  • The Hospital (Doc Juno's main song)
  • Race against Time Song (When the main adult character has a task to do in a small amount of time)
  • Granny Murray's Song (What Have We Done Today?)


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