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Family name
Meaning Possibly a religious byname, from a vernacular form of the Latin Messias[1][2]
Region of origin Spain
Related names Mejias, Megia/Megias, Maschia and Mashiach
The seal of the Mejía Canton in Northern Ecuador.

Mejia or Mejía, also written as Mehia, Mehias, Mexia, Mejias, Megías or Mejías, is a Spanish surname meaning messiah. It was first found in Galicia, an autonomous community in northwestern Spain.[3] Its origins are either Sephardic or it is toponymic. The name may originate from when the Spanish Kingdom obliged Jewish settlers to change their surname to Castillian, which then became the name "Mesía".[4] Or, it is possibly a toponymic name (a place name) after the town of Muxia in Galicia.[5]

The surname is a popular last name in the Paisa region of Colombia. According to the book "Genealogies of Antioquia and Caldas" by Gabriel Arango Mejía, the first Spaniard to bring the name to Colombia was a man named Don Juan Mejía de Tobar Montoya.[6]


Mejía, Mejia[edit]

Mejías, Mejias[edit]

Mexía, Mexia[edit]


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