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Michał Bałucki, pseudonym Elpidon (born September 29, 1837 in Cracow; died October 17, 1901 in Cracow), was a Polish playwright and poet.

He had a city background. He studied at Saint's Ann gymnasium in Cracow, and then at the Jagiellonian University. He was an active member of a youth organization that wanted to help Poles fighting the tsarist regime in the Russian occupied Poland, but he did not fight in the January Uprising. He was sentenced to prison for conspiracy activities after being arrested at the end of 1863.

He debuted in 1861 with poems based on folklore motiffs. He attacked Galician aristocrats in his poems and middle class that looked up to them.

At the end of his life he suffered from many diseases and after a virulent article made by Lucjan Rydel he committed a suicide in the Błonia Park.

A monument sculpted by Tadeusz Błotnicki and erected in Planty in 1911.



  • 1864 Awakening
  • 1866 Elders and young
  • 1870 Glittering poverty
  • 1871 Jewess
  • 1872 It is about a piece of land
  • 1874 From a camp to a camp
  • 1875 White Negro (Biały murzyn)
  • 1881 Lordly beggars
  • 1881 Cracow's images
  • 1885 In Jewish hands
  • 1887 The Mayor from Pipidówka


  • 1867 Councellor's councellors
  • 1871 Hunting a husband
  • 1871 Hard-working lazybones
  • 1873 Emancipation
  • 1879 Cousins
  • 1880 Neighbours
  • 1881 Big shot
  • 1883 Neighbours: Open house
  • 1889 Neighbours: Hard times
  • 1890 Neighbours: Bachelors' club


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