Miyanoshita Onsen

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Miyanoshita photographed in 1880

Miyanoshita (宮ノ下?) is an onsen in the town of Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The hot springs have been an attraction for tourists and pleasure-seekers for hundreds of years going back to the beginning of the Edo period. The town is situated on a plateau in the Hayakawa River valley. Miyanoshita is one of the Seven Hot Springs of Hakone (Hakone Nanayu). During his tour of Japan in 1873 the Emperor Meiji stayed at a hotel here. The town is also home to the Sōtō temple Jōsen-ji.

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Coordinates: 35°14′31″N 139°3′30″E / 35.24194°N 139.05833°E / 35.24194; 139.05833