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The Murkage Cartel is an arts organisation based in Manchester UK. The Cartel is made up of the band MURKAGE, and a culturally diverse assortment of DJ's, musicians, photographers, film makers, designers and bloggers. They are best known for the work of the band, the weekly club night - 'The Murkage Club'- their DJ performances and the online presence of the collective as a whole. They have made a distinctive and sometimes controversial[1] contribution to the regions underground music scene. The Murkage Club, the group has evolved over 4 years from an the original 4 man DJ lineup at The Murkage Club (then Monday Murkage) into a 23 strong collection of artists.


  • Murkage Dave - Founder/Promoter/Leader
  • Gaika - Creative/Vocalist
  • Mr Kenzo - DJ/Artwork Designer
  • Phaze One - DJ/Producer
  • Klepto - DJ / Promoter
  • Smith - DJ/Producer
  • The Badderman - DJ
  • Dizzietron - DJ / Blogger
  • Dialog - DJ
  • DJ Fholme - DJ
  • Ping pong - Vocalist/Songwriter/Stylist
  • Ranen - Vocalist/Songwriter/promoter
  • Martisau - DJ/Promoter
  • Darka - DJ / Radio Presenter / Blogger
  • Cerys Rebecca - Film Maker
  • Madam X - DJ / Radio presenter
  • Can You Felix - DJ
  • Robb Roxx - Promoter/Blogger
  • Matt Comer - Photographer
  • Amat Amas Amo - Drummer/Producer/Film maker/Photographer
  • Alicia - DJ


Both as performing artists and DJ's, Murkage Cartels members are most strongly affiliated with bass music culture and a genre defying punk aesthetic.

Original Music[edit]

Murkage Cartel are best known for the emergent band MURKAGE, founder David Lewis describes their origins

“Murkage started off as a club night. As it grew it attracted various talented waifs and strays; DJs, MCs, bloggers, graphic designers etc,” “This evolved into what is now the Murkage Cartel. What started off as a few of us messing around in the studio ended up as the band people now know as MURKAGE"[2]

There are many other notable musical projects undertaken by cartel members and their affiliates, these include:

  • Smith and Dsemba - Cartel member Alex Smith make with Robert 'D'Semba' Gibson
  • Star one - production and remix duo DJ Phaze One and His brother Blacksta
  • Jacksun Fear
  • VXR - Live drums & Electronics from Amat Amas Amo and DJ Klepto

Murkage Cartel DJ's[edit]

The Murkage Cartel are amongst the most prominent and in demand underground DJ's in Manchester with many of them holding residences on local and national radio stations as well as regional events. They play together on rotation at The Murkage Club every week. Both independently and as a group they have developed a strong following especially amongst the large student population in northwest of the united kingdom.

The Murkage Cartel's Vol. 1 mixtape was chosen as being the mixtape of the month, in Mixmag Magazine(Sept 2009). They also later featured in Mixmag for the Boxfresh advertisement campaign. The Murkage Cartel's Vol.2 Mixtape was also met with critical acclaim. The Murkage Cartel are known for having presence on Twitter [1], Facebook [2], and they also contribute to the MURKAGE website blog [3]

Murkage TV[edit]

Documenting the success of the Murkage club night, Murkage TV was created. The episodes, feature interviews from the Cartel and from other artists that have performed with the Cartel, such as David Rodigan, Dean Gaffney, AC Slater, Example, Seb Chew, Jack Beats and Mark Ronson


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