My Boyfriend Is Type B

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My Boyfriend is Type B
My Boyfriend Is Type B Poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Choi Seok-won
Written by Choi Seok-won
Starring Han Ji-hye
Lee Dong-gun
Edited by Park Gok-ji
Distributed by Lotte Cinema
Release dates
  • February 3, 2005 (2005-02-03)
Running time
96 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office $7,538,404[1]

My Boyfriend is Type B (Hangul: B형 남자친구; RR: B-hyeong namja chingu) is a 2005 South Korean romantic comedy film. The basic premise of the film comes from the Japanese blood type theory of personality, which claims that a person's blood type can determine their personality traits. The heroine is type A (conservative and introverted) while her love interest is type B (passionate and irresponsible).


Lee Dong-Geon portrays title character Young-Bin, a handsome but obnoxious young man who begins the film by breaking off a relationship in a most impolite way: after waiting in a parked car so Young-Bin won't get a ticket, the girlfriend reads him the riot act upon his return, prompting Young-Bin to slip into the driver's seat, break up with her, and speed off, leaving his new ex-girlfriend stranded in the parking lot. From the get-go, Young-Bin is not exactly a class act. On the opposite side of the spectrum is the beautiful Han-Mi (Han Ji-Hye), a meek university student looking for true love, but never seeming to find it. As is typical in this kind of film, the two meet purely by chance: Han-Mi accidentally text messages Young-Bin before literally bumping into him. Han-Mi, feeling that their fortuitous meeting is a sign that they might be destined for one another, decides to pal around with Young-Bin and see if there's any chemistry between them. Taken by Han-Mi's sincerity and her willingness to pick up the check, Young-Bin jumps at the opportunity. But Han Mi's cousin, Chae Young (Shin Hee) isn't quite so enraptured with Young-Bin and tries to dissuade Han-Mi from pursuing him. The thing is, Chae Young is a professional dating consultant and a strong subscriber to blood type theory. According to her, any relationship between the mismatched duo would be doomed to failure because Young-Bin is a type-B male, which supposedly makes him arrogant, hardheaded, and generally a jerk, whereas Han-Mi is a type-A female, one who supposedly can't help being timid and obedient. But while Chae-Young predicts impending doom, the happy couple try to give love a shot, ignoring their supposed blood type incompatibility. But will they succeed?


  • Lee Dong-gun as Yeong-Bin, a callous type B young man, who is secretly experiencing financial trouble.
  • Han Ji-hye as Ha-Mi, a mild-mannered type A college student who is searching for true love.
  • Shin Yi as Chae Young, Ha-Mi's cousin and professional dating consultant. She warns Ha-Mi against dating a type B man.


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