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The National Children's Bureau (NCB) is an English children's charity based in Islington, London. It was founded in 1963, as the National Bureau for Cooperation in Child Care.

It is an umbrella organisation incorporating councils and fora that explore a range of issues involving children and young people in England. It contributes to the 4 Nations Child Policy Network, in partnership with Children in Scotland, Children in Wales and Children in Northern Ireland.


Its Chief Executive (since 2011) is Dr Hilary Emery.[1] Her predecessor was Paul Ennals, who had been NCB's Chief Executive since 1998.[2]

Elaine Simpson was appointed chair of NCB in September 2012, in succession to Dame Gillian Pugh.[3]

Baroness Shireen Ritchie, who died in April 2012, had been President of NCB since November 2010.[4]


NCB aims to:

  • challenge disadvantage in childhood
  • work with children and young people to ensure they are involved in all matters that affect their lives
  • promote multidisciplinary cross-agency partnerships and good practice
  • influence government policy through policy development and advocacy
  • undertake high quality research and work from an evidence-based perspective
  • disseminate information to all those working with children and young people, and to children and young people themselves


Children & Society and Children & Young People Now are a journal and a magazine published in association with the NCB.

NCB supports over two dozen websites, including sites run by councils and networks within NCB and others run on a partnership or consortium basis:

  • Anti-Bullying Alliance [1]
  • Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children [2]
  • Care Planning for Looked After Children Toolkit [3]
  • ChildData [4]
  • Children & Young People HIV Network [5]
  • Childhood Bereavement Network [6]
  • Children's Play Information Service [7]
  • Council for Disabled Children [8]
  • Early Childhood Forum [9]
  • Early Childhood Unit [10]
  • Every Disabled Child Matters [11]
  • Healthy Care [12]
  • Life Routes [13]
  • National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care (NCERCC) [14]
  • NCB Books [15]
  • Parents, Early Years and Learning (PEAL)[16]
  • Participation Works [17]
  • Play England [18]
  • Playday
  • PSHE & Citizenship Information Service [19]
  • PSHE Subject Association [20]
  • Pupil Inclusion Network
  • Residential Special Schools Standards - Young Person's Guide [21]
  • Sex Education Forum [22]
  • Sexual Health Services microsite [23]
  • VCS Engage [24]
  • Young NCB [25]
  • Young People and Self Harm [26]
  • Young Transnet [27]
  • Your Rights [28]


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