Neftalí Soto

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Not to be confused with Neftalí Soto (baseball).
Neftalí Soto
Secretary of Agriculture of Puerto Rico
In office
March 21, 2012 – January 13, 2013
Secretary of Agriculture of Puerto Rico
In office
January 11, 1993 – January 13, 1997
Personal details
Born Lares, Puerto Rico
Occupation Farmer

Neftalí Soto is a farmer and attorney and the current Secretary of Agriculture of Puerto Rico. Soto is from Lares, Puerto Rico who has served as Secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture under two governors, Pedro Rosselló and Luis Fortuño. During his most recent stint, he replaces Javier Rivera Aquino, also a native of Lares, who served for over 3 years since 2009.

As a farmer, Soto specialized in growing coffee.[1] His traditional coffee hacienda in Lares became the base for the "Alto Grande" brand when he sold the property in 1990.[2]

Soto unsuccessfully ran for the office of president of the Puerto Rico Bar Association.


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