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This article is about the publication that includes the session laws of the New York State Legislature. It is not to be confused with the law of New York.

The Laws of New York is the annual periodical containing the session laws of the New York State Legislature, i.e., "chapter laws", bills that become law (bearing the governor's signature or just certifications of passage) which have been assigned a chapter number in the office of the legislative secretary to the governor, printed in chronological order (by chapter number).[1][2][3] Laws are usually cited in the form of "Chapter X of the Laws of YYYY" or "L. YYYY, ch. X", where X is the chapter number and YYYY is the year.

The Laws of New York are published by the Legislative Bill Drafting Commission (LBDC).[4][5] The New York Secretary of State is also responsible for publishing local laws as a supplement to the Laws of New York, but they have not done so in recent years.[6][7][8] The permanent laws of a general nature are codified in the Consolidated Laws of New York.[9][10]

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