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Newhall Publications
Founded 1962
Headquarters Wirral, England

Newhall Publications is a family-owned magazine publishing and marketing company. Its activities are divided between publishing Candis Magazine,[1] the magazine owned by Candis Club, and providing telemarketing and subscription services through Core Contact.[2]


The firm began in 1962, when its founder, Joseph K. Douglas, created the "Cancer & Polio Research Fund News Letter," to provide updates on the fundraising activities of the related charity.[1] By 1986 the newsletter had evolved into Candis magazine.

Candis Magazine[edit]

The magazine targets a family customer base and emphasises family life as "the cornerstone of a healthy community".[3] It is a monthly magazine and subscribers club, with a focus on health articles, competitions, and arranging discounts for members on a range of services. In 2008 Candis launched an annual award for "Outstanding Family of the Year". There are currently in excess of 236,000 copies sold each month making it the UK’s biggest selling subscription magazine.

Candis Club[edit]

Candis Club is a service for subscribers to the magazine, that arranges savings on goods and services, as well as organising social events. Products offered include: travel, car and home insurance, will planning, breakdown and health cover.[2] Part of the Club’s remit is to make donations to health charities, and has donated through 2011 over £53 million to both major national health charities and local charities, schools and community projects. The Club created the Candis Club Community Awards to manage donations to community groups.

Core Contact[edit]

Core Contact provides services to business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) clients in telemarketing, data and subscription management.[2] Newhall’s telemarketing division was formed in 2001 to provide Candis magazine with a telemarketing service. However, the company subsequently expanded by forming Core Contact to provide telemarketing and data management services to an external client base.[2]

Investment in Technology[edit]

In recent years, Newhall has invested in document management services, which was prompted by the transition in magazine distribution from hand to postal delivery.[4] The company has also developed its business continuity and recovery systems through SunGard [5] The firm was the first UK company to communicate with its sales force via handheld PDAs. The firm has also invested in postcode validation to achieve accuracy of address information. According to a Royal Mail database audit, its accuracy level was 99.8% of approximately 300,000 customer records.

Key Personnel[edit]

Newhall Publications is a family owned business that is run by the descendants of the founder, Joseph K. Douglas.

  • Chairman: Andrew Douglas
  • Joint Managing Director: Bryan Douglas-Dala
  • Joint Managing Director: Christine Blackford
  • Director: Chris Harman
  • Director: Karen Ealey


The company is a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).[6]


Newhall was recognised as one of the Top 100 companies to work for in UK in 2010 by Best Companies[7] and The Sunday Times[8] It received two stars, denoting a rating of "Outstanding".

In November 2006, the firm was awarded the J. P. Morgan Family Business Honours Award for Social Responsibility. The company has also obtained Investors in People status[9]