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Newman & Guardia was a British company that manufactured cameras and other fine instruments including early aircraft instruments.[1]

The company was in existence between 1893 and 1956 and may have continued beyond that date.

It was a prolific producer of cameras aimed at a knowledgeable and demanding clientele. Although most were hand-held plate cameras, the company also produced some field, roll-film and specialist cameras.

The following is a list of models known to have been produced:

  • Nydia (1900)
  • Cyclops (manufactured by Nettel)
  • Single Lens reflex
  • Folding reflex
  • Long body Reflex camera
  • New ideal Sibyl
  • New Special Sibyl
  • Postcard Sibyl
  • Baby Sibyl
  • Sibyl Deluxe
  • Sibyl Excelsior
  • Sibyl imperial Mod. 8 +9
  • Sibyl stereo
  • Sibyl Vitesse
  • Special Sibyl
  • Special stereoscopic roll film Sibyl (custom made)
  • Trellis
  • Universal Twin Lens Pattern
  • Universal Pattern B
  • Universal Special B
  • Universal Deluxe
  • Stereo Universal camera
  • W.1. M.P.H. No. 1805 BW mark IV A – Air speed indicator