North Keltma River

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North Keltma River
Severnaya Dvina eng.svg
Scheme of the Severnaya Dvina River Basin.
Mouth Vychegda River
Basin countries Russia
Length 155 km (96 mi)
Basin area 7,960 km2 (3,070 sq mi)

North Keltma (Russian: Северная Кельтма) is a river in Komi Republic, Russia, a left tributary of the Vychegda River. It is 155 kilometres (96 mi) long, with a drainage basin of 7,960 square kilometres (3,070 sq mi). It starts in the extreme south of the Komi Republic, near the border with Perm Krai. It flows into the Vychegda near the settlement of Kerchomya. There are many swamps along the river.

The river freezes in the early November and stays under the ice until early May. It is connected with the South Keltma River by the Northern Catherine Canal, which was constructed in 1785–1822 but operated for only 16 years.

Main tributaries:

  • Left: Okos, Voch, Vol;
  • Right: El, Michael


Coordinates: 61°28′40″N 53°58′44″E / 61.47778°N 53.97889°E / 61.47778; 53.97889