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OE-Cake icon.png
OE-Cake! screenshot.png
Developer(s) Prometech Software, Inc.
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Website www.prometech.co.jp

OE-Cake, OE-CAKE! or OE Cake is a 2.5D fluids-based demonstration program for Prometech Software Inc.'s PhysiCafe[1] and Octave Engine[2] which is one of the first engines able to have the ability to process water and other materials in real-time. In the program, which acts as a physics-based paint program, users can insert objects and see them interact under the laws of physics. It has an advanced fluid simulation, and support for objects like as gases, rigid objects and elastic. With the escape-codes, users can also mix the properties of elements together. Pictures may also be added to the simulation.

The name OE-Cake comes from this engine; its name therefore means "OctaveEngine Cake".

File format[edit]

OE-Cake uses the .OEC file format for saving scenes made using the program. In OE-Cake version 1.1b, the file format was changed. Version 1.0b files can be opened with version 1.1.2b. Version 1.1.2b files cannot be properly opened in version 1.0b.


The materials you can use in OE-Cake are:


Not really an element, it just deletes whatever it is selected on.


Just what it says, is normally medium blue, but can change colour to pastrel blue when in movement, just like in real life. Forms gas when heated.


A reddish purple element, it is indestructible (unless you mix using outflow), and it always stays in position.


A green element, a bit like wall, but it is affected by gravity


Just a series of purple connected dots that form a rope together, it can stretch a bit, but not as much as elastic. Melts when heated.


A yellowish element, just like String, only it can stretch a lot, and it retains its shape better. Melts when heated.


A pink element, a lot like elastic, but this can break under pressure. Also breaks when heated.

Rigid Axis[edit]

The same as rigid, only a slightly brighter tone of green, and it is on an axis, so it turns when an object is placed on it or affected by gravity.


A white, sticky, jello-like substance. Just like the food.


A soft pink element, the dots you draw with them are ordered in groups of two, just like rice. It can cause a lot of lag when using lots of it.


A green gunpowder, every dot moves independent from each other, but it explodes when heated.


A green gas, it just floats, is not affected by gravity, and when cooled it forms water.


A green fluid, a lot like water, but it is a bit more treacly.


A yellow oil-like substance, it forms bubbles, even more without gravity.


Just a deep blue fluid, but it is denser than water, so water floats above it.


A light blue element, the exact opposite of dense.


Rigid orange element, but burns when heated.


Red fluid, disappears a few seconds after creating, but it carries flames with it.


Just like wall, only it is red and it heats everything it touches.


Just like heater, only it is blue and it cools down everything that it touches.


Makes any element, normally water, flow in rapidly from the point you have drawn.


Everything it touches disappears.


When in movement, this orange rigid element creates wind.


You can mix things by pressing ESC once and typing in the first letter of the element except for fire (@) and water (Q).


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