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Maruni-mitsubaaoi ("Circle Around Three Hollyhock Leaves"), the Tokugawa clan Owari branch mon (crest).
The seat of the Owari branch during the Tokugawa Shogunate was Nagoya Castle
The treasures of the Owari branch are kept in the Tokugawa Art Museum in Nagoya

The Owari (徳川尾張家 Tokugawa Owari-ke?) branch of the Tokugawa clan is descended from Tokugawa Yoshinao, the ninth son of Tokugawa Ieyasu. It is also the main Gosanke ("three honourable houses of the Tokugawa").[1] For over 250 years, the Owari family ruled Owari Domain, the area surrounding present day Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, using Nagoya Castle as its main base.[2] Another residence was the Ōzone Shimoyashiki.

The treasures of the Owari branch are kept in the Tokugawa Art Museum in Nagoya.

The present head of the family is Tokugawa Yoshitaka.


  1. Tokugawa Yoshinao (1601–1650)
  2. Tokugawa Mitsutomo (1625–1700)
  3. Tokugawa Tsunanari (1652–1699)
  4. Tokugawa Yoshimichi (1689–1713)
  5. Tokugawa Gorōta (1711–1713)
  6. Tokugawa Tsugutomo (1692–1731)
  7. Tokugawa Muneharu (1696–1764)
  8. Tokugawa Munekatsu (1705–1761)
  9. Tokugawa Munechika (1733–1800)
  10. Tokugawa Naritomo (1793–1850)
  11. Tokugawa Nariharu (1819–1839)
  12. Tokugawa Naritaka (1810–1845)
  13. Tokugawa Yoshitsugu (1836–1849)
  14. Tokugawa Yoshikatsu (1824–1883)
  15. Tokugawa Mochinaga (1831–1884)
  16. Tokugawa Yoshinori (1858–1875)
  17. Tokugawa Yoshikatsu (1824–1883)
  18. Tokugawa Yoshiakira(1863-1908)
  19. Tokugawa Yoshichika(1886-1976)
  20. Tokugawa Yoshitomu(1911-1992)
  21. Tokugawa Yoshinobu (1933-2005)
  22. Tokugawa Yoshitaka (born 1961)
Banners of the Owari branch of the Tokugawa clan


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