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Updated Palringo logo
Developer(s) Palringo Limited
Initial release 2006
Stable release

iOS: 2.0 24 October 2014; 5 months ago (2014-10-24);

Android: 3.0 24 October 2014; 5 months ago (2014-10-24)
Development status Inactive
Operating system Android, OS X
Type Social networking service
License Premium

Palringo Group Messenger is a community oriented messaging and gaming app for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. [1][2] The platform allows users to form and join large groups based on common interests, send instant messages and drop images and voice recordings into conversations. Launched in 2006, Palringo has 28 million installed users worldwide and offers a range of games along with more than 350,000 groups, some of which have up to 2,000 members.[3][4] Headquartered in London, Palringo has offices in Newcastle, Ipswich and Gothenburg.[3]


Palringo was founded in Newcastle in 2006 by 21-year-old engineering student, Martin Rosinski, who developed it as a communications tool for his father's engineering company to help engineers resolve problems in the field. When problems were detected it enabled affected parties to communicate with each other. In August 2006, Northstar Ventures got involved and a seed of £650,000 was raised to help build a user base.[1][3]

In 2010, Palringo launched an enterprise version of the app, offering companies private group communication networks, with notable clients including Smartlogic and 3M.[5][6][7]


In August 2012, Palringo began a shift away from the B2B market towards the consumer community, where users were building groups around particular interests, with a specific focus on games. The business model is based around selling virtual products such as rich media sticker packs, Bots and functional utilities.[8][9]

In May 2014, Palringo acquired Swedish games developer Free Lunch Design (FLD), who previously worked with Disney, Paramount and Marvel, with a view to integrating Palringo's instant messaging technology into community-orientated games.[10] In September 2014, the company reiterated its strategy on combining games and instant messaging by focusing on adding gaming capabilities on top of an already existing messaging platform.[4]


In 2013, the company launched a charitable initiative aimed at their users in the Gulf region during the month of Ramadan, which enabled users to donate Palringo credits through a special charity Bot. They raised over US $230,000 for Charity Right and Islamic Relief.[11] In 2014, they ran the campaign again but this time opened it up their entire user base by adding Child's Play, a charity aimed at providing video game entertainment to sick children in hospital.[2] The company plans to make charitable giving a regular part of the Palringo experience.[11]


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