Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1823

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Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1823
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November 4, 1823 (1823-11-04)
→ 1826

  Shulze.jpg AndrewGregg.jpg
Candidate John Andrew Shulze Andrew Gregg
Party Democratic-Republican Federalist
Popular vote 89,928 64,211
Percentage 58.3% 41.7%

Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Election Results by County, 1823.svg

County results* for the 1823 Pennsylvania gubernatorial election. Blue denotes counties won by Shulze, orange denotes counties won by Gregg.
  *Results unknown

Governor before election

Joseph Hiester

Elected Governor

John Andrew Shulze

The Pennsylvania gubernatorial election of 1823 occurred on November 4, 1823. Incumbent Federalist governor, Joseph Hiester, did not seek re-election. The Democratic candidate, John Andrew Shulze, defeated Federalist candidate Andrew Gregg.


Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1823[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic-Republican John Andrew Shulze 89,928 58.34%
Federalist Andrew Gregg 64,211 41.66%
N/A Others 8 0.00%
Totals 154,147 100.00%


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