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For the professor of chemistry, see Peter Hore (professor).
Peter Hore
Born Peter Michael Howard
(1959-08-18) 18 August 1959 (age 55)
Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
Residence Mayfield, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Nationality Australian
Other names Peter Hoare
Known for Disrupting public events

Peter Hore (sometimes spelt Hoare in Australian media), also known as SHOK and Peter Michael Howard,[1] is known for disrupting social events in Australia.

Personal life[edit]

Hore was born 18 August 1959 in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia. He suffers from schizophrenia,[2] and lives on a disability support pension. He resides in the suburb of Mayfield in the city of Newcastle, New South Wales.

Social disruption[edit]

Hore is known for having disrupted numerous sporting events across Australia, as well as the funerals of former INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and racehorse trainer Tommy J. Smith, often with bizarre religious claims or gratuitous nudity. He was first dubbed a "serial pest" by journalist Terry Brown in a p. 7 article in the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper on 2 December 1997, following the previous Saturday's World Cup pitch invasion. Other media subsequently borrowed the moniker.

Hore has previously claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Nostradamus and a secret agent. In 1998, Hore made an appearance in John Safran's Media Tycoon, one of the two pilots Safran made after his appearance on the ABC's Race Around the World. During the interview, Hore claimed he committed these disruptive acts because he has "the mind of a serial killer".[3]


In 2003, it was revealed on Melbourne talk-back radio, and later in Federal parliament, that Hore's legal bills were paid for by the taxpayer through the Aboriginal Legal Service, managed by ATSIC.[4]

Public stunts[edit]

His public stunts are listed here and include:

  • 4 November 1997: Running onto the race track at Flemington during the 1997 Melbourne Cup. This was Hore's first known public stunt, for which he spent one month in the Port Phillip Correctional Centre.[5]
  • 27 November 1997: Though uninvited, he attended the funeral of Michael Hutchence. During Nick Cave's performance, Hore shouted "I am the Second Coming!" and was removed. It is also reported that he exclaimed, "This is how he did it, Paula! This is how he died!", and jumped off the balcony, attached to a 4-foot black cord around a dog collar attached to his neck.[6]
  • 29 November 1997: He pulled down the goal net and suspended play during a football match - the Australia vs Iran World Cup qualifier. At that time Australia was leading the game 2–0, with the resulting break allowing Iran to regroup and level the game with two goals, ensuring them a trip to the 1998 FIFA World Cup on away goal rules.[7] Hore required an additional police escort when leaving the grounds, for protection from irate Australian fans.
  • 7 September 1998: He interrupted the funeral service of thoroughbred racehorse trainer Tommy J. Smith at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. He was arrested by police and later released without charge.[5]
  • 30 January 2000: He disrupted the Australian Open men's final (Andre Agassi v Yevgeny Kafelnikov) by running onto centre court, dancing and jumping the net.[8]
  • 28 March 2000: He infiltrated the floor during eulogy readings for the late former governor Dame Roma Mitchell, in a sitting of the lower house of South Australia's Parliament, dancing and partially stripping before being ejected.[9]
  • 1 October 2000: He jumped the barrier to join the Sydney 2000 Olympics men's marathon carrying a digeredoo and a 1.5-metre stick. He was arrested then released on bail "on condition he stay at the Aboriginal tent embassey" [sic].[10]
  • 1 January 2001: During the Centenary of Federation parade in Sydney, he jumped on a float bare-chested and scaled a plaster head of Mary MacKillop shouting "I want your children!"[11]
  • January 2001: He jumped the gate barrier at the Sydney Big Day Out festival during Limp Bizkit's performance and threw blow up sex dolls onto the stage and took his clothes off. Hore was blamed by staff to be a factor that caused the death of a young girl in the mosh pit of the Limp Bizkit performance, as security were distracted by Hore and could not continue working on crowd safety.[citation needed] He also danced onstage during Gerling's set.[12]
  • 17 January 2001: He ran onto the pitch of a One Day International cricket match between Australia and the West Indies at the Sydney Cricket Ground wearing a black bra and tartan kilt. He sat on the pitch before being removed by security.[13]
  • February 2001: He infiltrated a group of social activists squatting in abandoned council-owned buildings on Sydney's Broadway,[14] and sabotaged their campaign to retain the old buildings as a low-cost housing and art precinct by graffitiing several historic shopfronts. Hore then invited a reporter from a notorious tabloid TV show in exchange for payment of his outstanding legal bills, into the barricaded premises while the other occupants were sleeping or just waking up, giving the impression that the "squalid" buildings were occupied by half-conscious drug addicts and vandals. Hore was later linked to more near-identical 'SHOK' graffiti at Newtown's historic St Stephen's Cemetery and the University of Sydney's St Michael's College. The Sydney Housing Action Collective (SHAC) believe Hore's actions turned public opinion against squatting.
  • August 2001: He ran onto the stage of a lingerie parade in Brisbane and approached model Sarah O'Hare saying he had a message for her husband Lachlan Murdoch. He was arrested and detained pending a medical assessment and to keep him from disrupting the upcoming Goodwill Games and CHOGM. The charges were later dropped.[15]
  • 2 March 2002: Attempted to gatecrash the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2002 in Coolum, Queensland, to demand an audience with the Queen.[16]
  • July 2002: He allegedly helped release 35 asylum seekers from the Woomera Immigration Reception and Processing Centre.[17] The asylum seekers were released into the desert without any food and water, and where overnight temperatures can drop to -2 °C. Hore was sentenced to three months in jail.[18]
  • September 2004: Attempted to disrupt Jennifer Hawkins' home-coming parade in Newcastle after she was crowned Miss Universe 2004. Hawkins' minders were able to intercept Hore and hold him down, before he could get close to Hawkins entering City Hall for a civic reception.[19]
  • 6 February 2006: Interrupted a civic reception held for Carlton Football Club coach Denis Pagan at Newcastle City Hall, by standing next to Pagan and shouting out 'He's my coach!', with a cat perched on his shoulders. Hore was chased out by officials but later returned riding a tricycle around Carlton's intra-club practice match at EnergyAustralia Stadium.
  • 11 March 2006: In a Ned Kelly style helmet, he rode a tricycle with a cage containing a number of cats into the middle of EnergyAustralia Stadium in Newcastle before kickoff in a Newcastle Knights v Parramatta Eels game. He kicked the ball off the kicking tee just moments before the game was due to start. Hore has been previously banned from the stadium for life and had reportedly told Andrew Johns during the NRL off-season that he would proceed with the stunt.[20]
  • 17 March 2006: He interrupted the Cole Inquiry into the Australian Wheat Board paying kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime in exchange for wheat sales, wearing a cowboy hat and announcing that he was the next Prime Minister of Australia before being removed.[21] He had a couple of weeks previously been present in the public gallery of the inquiry holding a couple of kittens.[22]
  • 26 November 2006: Hore was apprehended by Queensland police after he was spotted trying to enter the Gabba cricket ground in Brisbane, admitting he was planning to disrupt the first Ashes Test between England and Australia.[23]
  • 14 December 2006: The online edition of the Sydney Morning Herald erroneously ran a story that he had fallen to his death from a roof beam at a Brisbane Robbie Williams concert.[24]
  • 19 April 2007: Entered a media studies lecture at the University of Queensland and started shouting at the class and guest lecturer. Notable quotes from this interruption include "I ate my own semen on Australian Idol", and "I'm going to be on the Footy Show tonight" (referring to his appearance on the Street Talk segment of The AFL Footy Show).
  • 4 July 2007: Interrupted the NSW State of Origin Rugby League squad training in Brisbane's Botanical Gardens, by handing out CDs of his music and following players around on the park for their autograph.[25]
  • 1 September 2007: Jumped into the Brisbane River during Riverfestival Riverfire. He was apprehended by police and released after the event.
  • 12 September 2007: Walks up to new Queensland premier Anna Bligh and announces that he will run against her next year in her seat of South Brisbane.[26]
  • 24 November 2007: Ran against Kevin Rudd as an independent in the Division of Griffith, polling over 2,200 primary votes.[27]
  • 4 August 2008: Invaded the pitch during the Newcastle Knights vs Parramatta Eels NRL match at Energy Australia Stadium within the first minute of the match. He was wearing a black wig, Chaser 07 T-shirt and wearing a guitar case on his back.[28] He performed a "flop" on Parramatta prop Fuifui Moimoi in the second tackle of the match and was escorted off by security, not before he was tackled by Brett Finch.[29]
  • 28 April 2009: Walked into the centre of Newcastle City Council chambers during a controversial debate to close the Loft Youth Centre, shouting "Save the Loft", "Free the Refugees" and "Free Australia Party". Hore was subsequently removed by security.[30]
  • 18 June 2009: He disrupted a sitting of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, startling members and shouting that he is a member of the "Free Australia Party".[31]
  • 29 September 2011: Midway through Mere Women's opening song during their performance at Sound Summit, Peter Hore jumped on stage and launched himself into the drum kit.[32]
  • 14 February 2012: Hore performed a solo set of music at Newcastle's Bummer Vibes Festival. The festival itself was promoted as being 'the worst festival ever'.[33]
  • 5 May 2012: Last seen throwing his pants onto the stage at The Darkness concert at Newcastle Panthers Club.[citation needed]
  • 24 April 2013: Snuck into a pub to disrupt a local hardcore music show by dancing in the pit with live kittens on his shoulders and in his backpack.[citation needed]
  • 13 May 2013: Waited outside the More Joyous racing inquiry having 'horse racing celebrities' and inquiry witnesses autograph a newspaper referring to the inquiry.[34]
  • 4 April 2014: Disrupted a corruption inquiry being held by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (New South Wales).[35] Hore yelled he was "the president" and from Newcastle, and assaulted a special constable who tried to stop him.
  • 17 April 2014: Arrested by police after attempting to board a Newcastle to Sydney train, having previously announced during an ABC Radio interview he was going to disrupt the tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.[36]
  • 19 September 2014: Peter Hore invaded the funeral of Nicole Kidman's father, Dr Antony Kidman.[37]

Death of housemate[edit]

On 26 March 2014, a former housemate of Hore, Anthony Thomas O'Grady, was found deceased. His half-naked body had been dumped, hogtied and gagged on Thomas Armstrong Oval in the nearby suburb of Wickham.[38] There is no suggestion Hore was involved in the death.

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