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This is a list of episodes with synopses for Series 1 of the stop motion animated television series Pingu.

Hello Pingu[edit]

The episode begins as the family is enjoying their lunch. Pingu tries to scoop up his potatoes but is having great difficulty, so he smashes his fork which makes it easier to swallow them whole. Father scolds him, but then ends up showing how difficult it is for him to keep his potatoes on his fork too. Pingu laughs and blows bubbles into his drink, with Mother telling him off for it. He then moves on to his fish which he puts into his mouth and pulls up again to reveal the bones. He does not want to eat his greens, but Father tells him he must if he wants to leave the table. Once finally eaten through his straw, Pingu rushes to the bathroom and spits the greens into the toilet. Pingu exits the bathroom and the table is cleared, so he slides under the table and sneaks into the toybox, to find his red rubber ball. He asks Father to inflate it for him, so he fetches the pump and does so. While he waits, Mother lets Pingu have a lick of her ice lolly. Pingu finally goes outside with his ball, sets it down and goes back in to blow his nose. While Pingu is gone, two bullies named Pingo and Pingg come along and steal the ball. Pingu soon returns and a big fight ensues to rescue his ball, resulting with Pingg hitting Pingu on the head and Pingo tripping Pingu up onto the ball, causing it to burst. Pingu runs back to his igloo, chased by snowballs thrown at him by Pingo. Father blows up the ball again while Mother puts a plaster on Pingu's head. Father also plasters up the damage that the ball suffered too. Pingu then finishes off the day with a sleep in his hammock.

  • First Appearances of Pingu, Mother, Father, Pingo, and Pingg
  • Aired on May 28, 1986
  • Trivia: When Father repairs Pingu's red ball, he uses tape to make a cross shape that resembles the Swiss Flag
  • The scene showing Pingg smacking Pingu on the head and Pingu tripping on his ball is omitted in the original version.

Pingu Looks After the Egg[edit]

Pingu's family has an egg and while his parents do the laundry, Pingu has to sit on it. At first, he is proud and happy to help but he soon gets bored and gets up and starts listening to a song on the record player. He does dances and other steps but the egg suddenly sprouts feet and starts to dance around the house When Pingu notices this he tries to stop things and catch the egg before his parents find out, trashing the igloo in the process. Pingu's parents, eventually noticing the commotion and finding out what's happening, rush over to help. Father catches the egg and Mother turns off the record. Mother finds Pingu hiding in a cupboard beneath the record player, afraid his parents would be angry at him. They are not, however, and Mother hugs him. Mother and Pingu clean up the igloo and Father sews him a hat for a good job of taking care of the egg.

  • Pingu, Mother and Father are present in this episode
  • First Appearance of Pinga (in Egg form)
  • The scene showing Pingu hiding in the cupboard is omitted in the original version.
  • The song that plays on the record player in the original version is Woodpeckers from Space. The HiT Entertainment version instead uses the "Pingu Dance".
  • First aired April 15, 1986

The New Arrival[edit]

Following on from the previous episode, Pingu is reading a book while Mother and Father are watching their egg. It's about to hatch and Mother tells Father to call the midwife. The penguin midwife is called and arrives to inspect the egg. At first, Pingu wants to see but is told to stay away and be quiet because it is private and he gets tired of waiting in tension. Soon the baby is born and it is a girl.

  • This episode is better known as Pinga is Born

Pingu Goes Fishing[edit]

Pingu is going fishing; he climbs down a series of cliffs into a craggy, secluded area and finds a fishing hole. He soon catches a fish, but he is unaware that behind him, Robby the seal is emerging from another hole that the one Pingu is fishing at connects to, eating the bait, and snatching and attaching the same fish to the line each time. Pingu finds out eventually, and lures Robby away from the ice holes and closing them off with large slabs of ice. A high-speed chase ensues and Robby tries desperately to escape by forcing his way under the ice-slab. When Pingu shouts at him, Robby's right flipper briefly gets trapped, and the weeping seal seems severely hurt. Pingu is struck with remorse and sympathy, consoling Robby. He then slightly moves the ice slab above one of the fishing holes, resulting in Robby's flipper being 'miraculously' healed. Recognizing the goodness in Pingu's soul, Robby returns his fishing pole and rewards his sensitivity with a much larger fish. Pingu, in return, gives Robby the rest of his bait to eat, and they become friends. Pingu then gathers up all his equipment and heads home with the fish.

Pingu Delivers the Mail[edit]

Pingu is helping Father deliver the mail. Father lets him wear his postman's hat, and they go to the post office to pick up the mail and then deliver it to the town's various eccentric residents; including an old, kid-hating granny penguin, a tall, loud-beaked penguin, a short, zippy and strange penguin in suspenders (this is Punki, who annoys Pingu by unwittingly slamming the door right in his face as he opens it), Pingu's friend Pingo, a collapsed penguin with bad news, a woman with three children, and others, before returning home again to his Mother's arms.


Pingu, Pinga and Mother are spending the day inside. Pingu is building towers with blocks, but to his dismay they keep falling down. Despite Mother's efforts, Pinga does not want to go to bed - until Mother rocks her to sleep. Pingu goes to his Mother for help with his blocks, but she is too busy knitting clothing for Pinga. Pingu looks at Pinga, who notices that she is in bed. She starts to cry and is comforted and given attention by Mother, who continues to apparently ignore Pingu. Pingu desperately tries to get attention by behaving like a baby, jumping up and down on Pinga's bed, kicking a chamberpot around it, putting the chamberpot on his head and banging it with a spoon, and pretending to be a ghost. Mother soon puts Pinga back in bed, which Pinga still doesn't want to do. Pingu is deeply distraught and hides in the toy box. Mother is sympathetic about Pingu so she comforts him, and he goes to sleep with Pinga.

  • In the original version the scene of Pingu in tears cuts short to Mother feeling sympathetic about him, as she goes to him a video mix-up of stock footage of The New Arrival is used before Mother comforts him. Plus, Father's dialogue is heard for a short time in an audio mix-up. In the new version the scene of Pingu in tears is extended to show him closing the toy box. Then Mother feels sympathetic about him, so she goes to the toy box opens it and comforts Pingu and the telephone shot is omitted as is Father's dialogue.

Hide and Seek[edit]

Pingu is going out on a play-date with Robby. He finds Robby in a bunch of ice sculptures. Pingu and Robby hop on the sledge and ride it together. Pingu also has to push Robby along the way. They find an old ruined igloo and other bits of junk around it, then play a game of hide and seek in and around it, followed by a snowball fight. Pingu tricks Robby by making a bust of himself with some things he finds in the ruin he is hiding and putting it on a stick and waving it outside, so that Robby throws the snowball at that instead of him. While Robby is investigating the smashed bust and calling for his friend, Pingu runs and hides in a barrel. He then sneaks up behind Robby and throws a snowball at the ruin Robby is investigating, drawing his attention to the barrel Pingu is hiding in (Pingu hides quick enough to avoid being seen). Robby then goes into the ruin, and he looks over to see Pingu (still wearing the barrel as a precaution of sorts) taunting him, then throwing a snowball at him. A chase back towards the igloo ruins then ensues, with Pingu coming out of the barrel due to tripping over a small block of ice. Robby then gets hurt while holding onto the rolling barrel and begins to cry, and Pingu eventually tries to cheer him up with some funny moves and postures, but finally manages with a hula-hoop. Robby gets a hula-hoop too and they play that instead.

Lost Baby[edit]

Pingu brings Pinga along with him to play with Pingo. When they meet up, Pingu and Pingo start playing leap-frog and Pinga really wants to join in. But Pingu, however, forbids her to play with them because she's too little. While he and Pingo are rampaging about, she runs sadly away from them, and when they finally look back to the sledge, she is nowhere to be seen. Pingu and Pingo look everywhere for her, and finally find footprints and her scarf at the edge of a deep pit. Assuming she has fallen in, Pingu and Pingo go home in tears and tell Mother what happened, but Mother explains to them that she made her way home all by herself. Pingu hits Pinga with her scarf for worrying him sick, but Mother stops him and tells them to make up. While Mother and Pingo watch on, Pingu and Pinga refuse to speak to each other, but Pingu soon discovers that patting Pinga's hand comforts her and they both hug each other and make up. Pingu then happily feeds Pinga.

Pingu Plays Fish Tennis[edit]

Robby the seal jokingly attacks Pingu with snowballs. Pingu is enticed immediately to join a game involving a large pink fish. Pingu, in a bizarre moment of claustrophobic inertia, finds the fish's mouth trapped over his head and Robby, briefly abandoning his playing, aids his friend by removing the fish from Pingu's head. They then play a tennis-style game using the fish. However, the fish is eventually caught on a rope and, after a futile attempt to retrieve the fish, Pingu retrieves it using a pair of ice-stilts placed conveniently by his igloo. Robby strips the fish of its skin and flesh and they both have half each, and then continue playing, with Pingu still atop his stilts.

  • In Portugal it is called Pingu Learns A Game.
  • In the new version, before Pingu accidentally throws the fish into the washing line the scene where Robby throws the fish up in the air before Pingu plays fish tennis with him is used again due to a video mix up.

Barrel of Fun[edit]

Robby is playing around with some barrels near some ruins, when he sees a barrel that is half covered with planks, like a sledge. Pingu comes around and he and Robby play with the sledge-barrel. They go down a hill two times, with Robby at the back steering and braking - almost crashing into a sloping pillar of snow both times. After the first slide, they take turns pushing the barrel back up the slope, but before their third go, Robby goes back to the top, and throws one end of a rope down to Pingu. Then Robby holds on to the other end and by his weight, slides back down the slope, but pulls the barrel up with Pingu on it. Once Pingu has reached the top of the slope, Robby goes back up to join him for another slide down on the sledge. Unfortunately, this time they lose control, and Robby falls off at the bump and rolls down the hill and Pingu slides crashing backwards into the pillar which collapses on him and traps him inside. Robby rushes for help, and an emergency paramedic comes back with him to lift the largest slab of ice from the rubble in order for the seal to slide in and rescue Pingu. As soon as the shaken Pingu is out, the paramedic's arms give way to the weight of the slab and the entrance collapses. Pingu is not hurt but he did bump his head when he crashed, so the paramedic puts a plaster on Pingu's head and then gives the young penguin and seal a ride home on his stretcher sledge.

Ice Hockey[edit]

Pingu, Robby and Pongi are dawdling around one day, when they see a hockey team practising for a game. One of the strikers sees the three young friends and asks if they would like to join in as their rival team. As Pingu, Pongi and Robby get kitted out, the professional team feel sure they will crush their new rivals easily. The referee blows his whistle and the game begins. At first the professionals get two goals at once, so Robby turns the goal over to make it more difficult, but the referee disapproves of this and makes him put it back the way it was. Then suddenly, Pingu manages to outwit the professional's goal keeper and gets a goal and they woop for joy over their small success. The professionals are bad losers and are furious at being outwitted by a wannabe team who can not stop celebrating and annoying them. So on the next try, they play aggressively by knocking them with their putts, forcing them into the corners and sides, and so on to ensure they do not win. Pingu and his friends are enraged at their bad sportsmanship that they throw down their gear and storm off. Feeling bad about what they did, the professionals discard their hockey equipment too and join Pingu, Robby and Pongi in doing figure skating.

Pingu and Pinga Stay Up[edit]

Mother is at home with Pingu and Pinga. It is time for Pingu and Pinga to go to bed but they having so much fun that Mother sees no reason to send them off yet. First they play with their blocks, then after a quick run round the toy box, Pinga knocks a tower of blocks over and Pingu gets into an argument with her. Mother's peace is disturbed and she tells them it is time for bed and tells Pingu to brush his beak. Pingu clears the blocks back into the toy box and then skates off to the bathroom with the block boxes on his feet. Mother is happy to hear what she thinks is the sound of beak brushing in the bathroom, but really Pingu is sitting on the toilet ready a comic and rubbing his toothbrush up and down on the side of the bathtub. After giving Pinga her last milk, Mother sets her on her potty. Pingu comes out of the bathroom and after seeing his clean flippers and "clean" teeth, Mother contently goes to do the beds. As soon as Mother goes into the bedrooms, Pingu kicks Pinga's potty and sends her skating across the room. As a punishment, Mother makes Pingu go and make the beds himself. This is a task which he does not enjoy, but it can be made fun. He takes the mattress off his bed and starts jumping up and down on it like a trampoline. Mother storms in to stop him, but just as she has got her young penguins together, they start to wonder off. At last Mother gets them both to bed, but then Pinga is up again asking for more milk. After that Pingu is up again asking for something to eat, so Mother gives him a fish and he makes such a mess of eating it that Mother has to wipe greasy patches off his feathers. Then Pinga wants her teddy and Pingu wants the rest of her milk. When Mother stops coming to their demands (though Pinga made one to pick up her teddy after she dropped it off the bed), they go out to find their exhausted mother asleep on the sofa next to a spilled glass of juice. Realising how tired Mother is, Pingu pushes their beds together and he and Pinga escort Mother to their bedroom where they all finally go to sleep together.

  • In the original version, the beginning of the episode shows Pinga giving a block to Pingu so Pingu can finish his tower. In the new version the beginning scene shows Pingu building his tower and Pingu asking Pinga for the last block to finish his tower.
  • This episode features a view of Mother licking her finger and putting her germs on the article she reads, therefore it was a bad habit which probably wouldn't make the paper stick. *The newspaper model is designed by Carlo Bonomi.


Pingu is sitting aimlessly on his sledge one day, when he sees Pingo coming along on his new skis. Pingu is most impressed and decides to tag along with him. Not having a pair of his own, Pingu uses some junk from the ruins to build a makeshift pair of skis. Pingu and Pingo then climb up one of the mountains and race back down again on their skis. Coming to a bumpy section, Pingo falls off and breaks one of his skis. Pingu tries to see if he can do any better, but just as he comes to a stop at the bottom, he ends up breaking one of his skis too. They go over what they have got left and then set off for home arm-in-arm on one ski each.

  • In this episode where Pingu Nonk Nonk says he does not put his mouth to the typical form of megaphone.

Pingu Runs Away[edit]

Pingu and his parents are having a quiet dinner, but Pingu isn't a happy, due to him refusing to eat his greens once again. Mother and Father decided to share their food. Father gives Mother fish, Mother gives Father greens and Mother tries to give Pingu a beetroot, but he refuses and splatters it all over Mother. Father is very cross with this and speaks to him severely. Then, Pingu rocks his chair and ends up pulling everything off the table. His parents become furious and Mother spanks Pingu on the bottom. He tries let Father console him, but he is unsympathetic so Pingu sadly walks away from them, feeling that his parents don't love him anymore. His parents start to clear up the mess and they hear a creaking sound and turn to see Pingu stalk out through the door. As Pingu is outside, he shouts angrily and threatens to never come home again. Pingu's parents are enjoying some quiet times, but they're not really enjoying it because they are worried about Pingu because of what time is it and what have they done. Meanwhile, Pingu becomes hopelessly lost in the South Pole at the night. He nearly gets crushed by falling ice and then comes face-to-face with three ugly, menacing monster faces in the snowdrifts. They look like a skull, a dwarf and a dragon. Terrified, he runs and hides in an ice cave. His parents, realizing how late it is, come out and find him, with Father using his post truck to find him. Pingu notices his parents finding him and shows himself. Happy to see their son, Mother and Father apologize to him and they take him back home. After Pingu is fed hot soup, they all go to bed together happily.

  • This episode was banned in most countries due to scenes where Mother spanks Pingu on the bottom and Pingu runs away from home. This episode also features scary ice monsters that have scared lots of young viewers. However, it is shown in the DVD Antarctic Antics.
  • Pinga is mysteriously absent in this episode

Building Igloos[edit]

Pingu is going on a camping trip with Pingo, where they have to build their own igloo. When they meet, they head up to a spot where there are loads of blocks of ice to build one. However, they cannot agree on where to build it and get into an argument. Eventually Pingu and Pingo end up building their own igloos, but due to them only having half the blocks each, they only end up building half-done structures which promptly collapse after some fighting over the last remaining block. At first they laugh over each other's misfortunes, but then they look hard at their collapsed igloos and feel bad about falling out with each other. They then make up and build a proper igloo together. After the hard work is done, Pingu and Pingo go inside the new igloo, light the gas lamp, rap themselves up Pingu's blanket and tuck into the fish that Pingu had brought with him until night falls.

Music Lessons[edit]

While Mother watches Father making a cake, Pinga is playing her trumpet. At the sound of the latter, Pingu gets out his accordion and makes an awful noise. Mother tells him off for doing so. But then when Pingu starts using it like a yo-yo, Mother sends Pingu outside despite how much Pinga enjoyed it. Meanwhile, all around the town, people flee and lock themselves in their igloos at the sound of Pingu's accordion. Eventually Pingu arrives at Grandpa's igloo to find him playing his own accordion. Pingu is amazed at how well he does it. Grandpa greets Pingu with a welcoming tune and asks him to do like-wise. At the piercing noise that follows, Grandpa offers to give Pingu some music lessons and they soon become as good as each other and are playing perfectly together. Pingu then goes home to play his accordion his family and surprises his parents with his perfect playing. They like the tune so much, the parents clap and Pinga taps her potty to the beat with a stick. Pingu feels very happy indeed.

Pingu's Ice Cave[edit]

Father is ironing and Pingu homeschooled math homework while Mother watches and checks it over, Pingo comes over and asks if Pingu can come out to play ball . The parents say it is alright and the two young penguins are outside in a flash. They play with Pingo's ball and Pingu gets so carried away, that he kicks the ball backwards over his head and it goes off into an overhang in the ice. Pingo goes to retrieve the ball but the ground wobbles under his weight. After being told of what just happened, Pingu tries edging over to the ball himself as he weighs less, but the ground still tips forward under him. Pingu then gets Pingo to sit down on the end of the wobbling ice to keep it in balance while he tries again to fetch the ball. Suddenly Pingo stands to help him get nearer and they all fall through the ground into an ice cave. Pingu starts crying, but Pingo is sure they can get beck out the way they came in. Then the entrance collapses above them and Pingo starts crying instead. Pingu comforts his friend and suggests they explore further into the cave to find another way out. After looking around in the dripping, echoy caverns and edging their way along a long ice shelf, they come to a load of abandoned miners' tools and they see a slope to the surface where the sun light is shining in. Pingo is worried about the sheer drop in between, but Pingu has the answer. He swings across to the other side, using the miners' rope hanging from the ceiling, which comes away as he lands. Luckily Pingu has another idea; he lassoes the rope onto a small stalagmite next to Pingo, and tells Pingo to hang onto it and shuffle his way across the chasm, with Pingu holding onto the rope on the other side. Pingo's weight starts to take its toll and Pingu begins to slip, but he holds on doggedly and quickly tugs on the rope, pulling Pingo back up as fast he can. Pingo reaches his flipper across to the side and Pingu edges over to catch his friend. Pingo reaches his wing out and Pingo catches hold of him just in time. Pingo is trembling visibly from the experience, but is very relieved to be safe, so the two of them edge up the slope to the surface. Pingu opens up a cover and finds himself back in the open. He climbs cheerfully up, helps his friend out and they put the cover back over the hole.


Pingu and his friends Pingo and Pingg go tobogganing up in the mountains. After a long climb up to the top, they sledge back down to the bottom again. Pingo and Pingg slide down at top speed, but Pingu is having trouble making his sledge go fast. The blades on the bottom of Pingu's sledge are rusting, so Pingo gives him an oily rag to polish them down while they have another slide down the hill. Once his sledge blades are clean, Pingu joins his friends in their third slide down the mountain. But Pingu has over-polished the blades of his sledge and he races past Pingo and Pingg and rockets out of control into a lump of snow. His sledge breaks on contact, but Pingu continues to slide along the snow and runs into the snowman. Pingu is stuck inside the snowman, so Pingg and Pingo move it into the igloo and next to the stove to melt. When the snowman completely melts away to reveal Pingu, all three young penguins have a good laugh over the whole adventure.

Little Accidents[edit]

Pingu and his family are eating lunch. Pinga opens her mouth for Pingu to put a piece of fish in her mouth, but Pingu ends up eating it himself, much to Pinga's annoyance. Pingu then heads off to go to a bar for a few drinks. Pinga follows him and wants a drink too. Pingu buys her two, but when she drinks them, she accidentally wees on the ground and an angry Pingu hurriedly sends her home; she makes it to her potty just in time. Pingu then finds he needs to go to the toilet. The bartender tells Pingu not to pee at his pub. Pingu rushes home, but when he gets home Father goes in the bathroom. He tries to open the door and then he sees Pinga's potty so he pushes Pinga off her potty so he can use that instead, and is sent outside, and he then in a rage plays doorbell ditch so that Father has to rush out of the bathroom to get it and Pingu can run in and use the toilet. However, he accidentally urinates on the floor, because the toilet is too high. Father is very cross and scolds him to clean it up. When finished and walking away thinking of an idea, he then attempts to go to the toilet on stilts, but when Mother comes in and tells him that he can't go in the toilet with them, Pingu sadly explains to her that he can't reach the toilet. Mother thinks of an idea and suggests they build some steps out of ice. They do so, and Pingu is finally able to go to the toilet in peace.

  • In the new version an extended shot of Pingu peeing on the floor is seen with Pingu looking at Father but in the original version the extended shot of Pingu peeing on the floor is omitted.
  • This episode was banned everywhere around the world except the UK due to toilet humour, mainly graphic depictions of urination.

School Time[edit]

Pingu walks to school with his backpack, and on the way, meets up with Robby. Robby slides down a snowy mountain and Pingu follows, sliding down on his backpack. Pingu slides his backpack to Robby which he puts on for a bit. Pingu and Robby arrive at the school to find two rows of desks, a blackboard and the teacher's igloo all ready for them. The Schoolmaster walks out of his igloo. As he turns around to close the door, Robby quickly jumps into the school fishing hole. The Schoolmaster rings the school bell and Pingo and Pingg arrive at the school just in time. Today's lesson is things to eat which you find in a fishing hole. Pingo jumps into the fishing hole first and after a short interval jumps back out. The Schoolmaster tells Pingo to draw what he saw on the blackboard. Pingo draws a haddock which pleases the teacher. Pingg then jumps in next and comes back saying he saw something too. Pingg is sent to blackboard and draws the skeleton of a haddock. Pingu laughs in amusement and the Schoolmaster shakes his head trying not to laugh himself. No penguin eats skeletons so there is no point in even looking for them. Pingg tells him that he really did find a skeleton down there. Pingu then has to come clean about what caused that skeleton to appear. First, he mimics Robby's barking but Pingg, Pingo and the Schoolmaster do not have a clue what he is supposed to be. Pingu then tries moving like Robby, but they still don't know what he is on about. Pingu goes to the blackboard and draws his friend Robby. They still don't believe him so Pingu takes a mullet out from under his desk and holds it over the hole. Robby then jumps up and eats the fish's body leaving only the skeleton to be seen. Pingo and Pingg are amazed and the Schoolmaster is very keen to meet the seal who is clearly Pingu's friend. Pingu calls for Robby who leaps up from the fishing hole and is introduced. The Schoolmaster invites Robby to help with the lessons that day and as he rubs the drawings off the blackboard the seal fishs out a snapper, an eel, a flounder and a lobster from the school fishing hole. The four creatures are hung up on the blackboard and Robby joins the Schoolmaster who asks his pupils to identify what they are. Pingg remembers that the first two are a snapper and an eel which pleases the Schoolmaster. The teacher then asks Pingo to name the third creature. At first Pingo is not quite so sure like Pingu is who raising his wing in order to answer. Then Pingo remembers it is a flounder. The Schoolmaster nods and calls Pingu to name the last creature. Pingo and Pingg are waving like mad to show they know but Pingu is struggling to remember. Robby does not what his best friend to look silly so while the Schoolmaster is not looking, he quickly scribbles the penguin word for lobster on the blackboard. As soon as Pingu says "Coo-coo", Robby rubs the word out and Schoolmaster pats the young penguin's head happily.

  • When Pingu tries to imitate Robby, he resembles Pengy.
  • In the current version when Pingu barks like Robby, he sounds like Robby but in the original version he does imitating barking.
  • In the original version, snapper is eclava, eel is silif, flounder is rivi and lobster is coo-coo but in the new version, eclava and coo-coo were kept intact but silif was changed to mokmo and rivi was changed to silif.

Grandpa is Ill[edit]

Pingu is painting a picture while his mother is ironing clothes, but then the telephone rings and Pinga answers the phone whilst on Pingu's shoulders. Mother takes over the phone to discover it is Grandpa who is suffering measles. They all go to Grandpa’s house and while Mother tries treatments, Pingu and Pinga run around singing and dancing to cheer Grandpa up, but end up annoying him. Mother is disappointed tells them off to be quiet, but then they go and fiddle with the sauce pan until the lid falls off. Mother is very cross tells them off to stop messing about and keep out of the way, so they go over to Grandpa's wardrobe. Pinga has a top-hat over her head and Pingu crashes a sledge into the wardrobe, annoying Grandpa even further. Mother becomes enraged and tells them off to go outside, where Pingu finds a board and puts it above a giant wad of snow to make a seesaw. Pingu bounces Pinga up and down on the seesaw making her woop for joy. Mother is very angry and tells them off to stop the noise. As Mother feeds Grandpa soup, Pingu and Pinga kick snowballs at the door. Mother goes out to see what they are up to and gets a snowball in the face. Mother is furious and tells them off to go home. Pingu and Pinga sledge back to their igloo and then they use red crayons to make fake spots on their faces. Then Pingu calls Mother to tell her that they have got Grandpa's measles. Mother zooms straight home to find her children under loads of bed sheets and finds them all spotty. Mother rubs their heads to see how hot they and she finds out they have tricked her. Mother relieved, lets Pingu put spots on her face too. She then joins Pinga in jumping on the beds, but when she jumps onto Pingu's bed it breaks under her weight, causing them all to laugh.

Pingu's Circus[edit]

Pingu, Pinga and Robby are putting on a circus and lots of penguins come to watch when they see them putting up the posters. The three youngsters start off the performance with the band, considering of Pingu playing the drum, Pinga on the trumpet and Robby with the accordion. Then Robby shows off his fancy roly-poly techniques. Next Pinga does some juggling and drops the balls. Robby laughs and Pinga throws one of the balls at him, knocking his hat off his head. The audience clap and laugh at such a funny site. Pinga and Robby then do an animal tamer's act; Robby pretends to be a dog and then does ball balancing tricks and jumps through a hoop. Then it is Pingu's turn to do his series of funny dances and his strongman's act. He lifts up a big dumbbell with as much effort as he can to make it look heavy, then after he drops it back down again, Pinga takes it away with no effort at all which makes the audience laugh out loud. The next performance is a clown act where Pingu and Pinga jump up and down on top of a seesaw, Robby pushes a bucket of blue paint under Pingu and Pingu lands in the bucket, covering himself in paint and splattering it all over Robby as well. Pinga comes over, tells her big brother to be more careful and laughs at him; Pingu in response spits more paint over her. The audience woop, laugh and clap louder than they have done all day and the three blue clowns finish off the performance to a musical climax.

  • In this episode posters say "Circus", but at the circus performance the billboard says "Zirkus".
  • This is the only episode where Punki does not wear his stripy trousers.

Pingu and the Barrel Organ[edit]

One day, Pingu spots an old busker playing his barrel organ. Pingu loves the music and pops some money into the old penguin's hat. The busker thanks Pingu and the young penguin decides to help him by making more penguins help out. He sees one walk up, but the grumpy penguin just walks on by. Pingu checks to see if he has any more money, which he does not, but the busker tells him not to worry. Then a much smarter looking penguin walks up and Pingu tries to get him to give the busker some money too but he walks on by. Pingu tries to stop him but the smart penguin just pushes him out of the way and hops over. Pingu shouts after him exactly what he thinks of him. A much kinder penguin then comes up and gives Pingu a fish for the busker. The busker is just resting when Pingu gives the fish to him. The busker is very grateful and while he eats he lets Pingu take over the barrel organ. As he plays, Pingu calls to another penguin for some money. They both look up at the sky and the penguin walks away pretending he hasn't seen anything. Enraged, Pingu turns the organ's handle quickly; the passer-by is not looking where he's going and he falls into a fishing hole. As the day wares on, Pingu helps to push the barrel organ back to the busker's igloo. He parks it outside and then goes inside. Pingu is most dismayed when he sees the state of it with holes in the walls. Feeling sorry for the busker, Pingu borrows the barrel organ and goes around shopping for him, playing as he goes to the bakery, the tailor, the tavern and the fishmonger. Everywhere he goes, the shop owners are pleased to hear the music and they give him free supplies. Pingu then goes back to the busker's place who is pleased with what Pingu had done for him. Pingu sets the table and pushes it up to the busker's armchair. Then as the busker tucks into some of the food, Pingu goes outside to do repairs. Lower down, he puts planks of wood over the holes while he throws snow balls at the higher sections until there is nothing showing through from the inside. Pingu then goes back inside just as the busker is drinking one his drinks from and puts more wood on the fire. Pingu suddenly hears a shrill tune and sees the busker with a harmonica which he gives to him as a reward for being so helpful that day. Pingu says goodbye to his new friend and sets off for home. As he walks, he plays his new instrument.


Pingu and Pingg are playing hopscotch, not knowing they are doing it in someone's parking space outside his igloo. When the owner comes home and parks in there, Pingu and Pingg start shouting at him to no avail. Eventually, Pingu and Pingg go and play somewhere else. They go over to another igloo next door and start running and playing about very noisily. The igloo's owner starts yapping at them about their noise very loudly. Pingu, Pingg and Pingo who comes along tease her about her noise. She is about to hit them with her carpet beater but misses. She leaves and accidentally closes the window on her wing! She howls in pain, making Pingo, Pingg and Pingu laugh. They then start playing ball, and Pingg bounces the ball accidentally onto the neighbour's roof where it bounces up and down again and again. The owner comes crossly outside, catches the ball and then takes it inside her igloo. Pingo and Pingg protest to tell Pingu (because he is more polite) to go and get the ball back so he begs for it back to no avail. He rings at the door again, but the owner just pushes him off. Then Pingu covers the doorbell with snow and they runaway to let the bell ring on and on. The owner runs out to chase them off and remove the snow, but accidentally gets herself locked out of her own igloo in the process. The young penguins look back and laugh to see her yanking at the door and then trying to squeeze through the window to get back in. Pingu decides to help her, by climbing in through the window himself and unlocking the door from the inside. The owner is so grateful, she gives the young penguins their ball back, and they all play together. The owner decides to join in, but accidentally hits the ball onto her window and breaking the glass which is enough to make Pingu and his friends laugh.

Pingu and Pinga at Home[edit]

Pingu’s parents are off to a concert, leaving Pingu and Pinga at home to take care of themselves. As Mother and Father leave, Pingu and Pinga make themselves out to be upset, but when the front door closes, Pingu and Pinga jump up and down on their beds excitedly. Now they are free to do what ever they want. Pinga puts on the radio and Pingu gets the cooker going to make a pancake. Pingu shows off his pancake tossing tricks to Pinga. Then the pancake gets stuck to the ceiling! Pingu and Pinga look up, and the pancake then comes down right on top of Pingu's head. It drips off his beak making him look like an elephant. Pingu and Pinga then play with Pingu's red rubber ball, bouncing it around and making a big mess all over the igloo. Meanwhile at the concert, Father closes his eyes to feel the music. Mother nudges him to make sure that nobody sees him and thinks the music is boring him to sleep. Back home, Pingu opens the wardrobe and he and Pinga play dress-up with their parents' hats. Then Pinga puts a box over her head while Pingu puts a bed sheet over his and pretends to devour Pinga. At the concert, Mother starts wondering about Pingu and Pinga being left alone. Father tells her not to worry and that they will be home to see them soon. Meanwhile Pingu and Pinga are taking a bubble bath. They jump playfully around in the bubbles until they tip the bathtub over leaving a bubbly watery mess on the floor. Then Pingu realises the time; the concert will be over and Mother and Father will be coming home. Quickly Pinga cleans up the bathroom and turns off the radio. They tidy up the room and Pingu tries to shove all the clothes back into the wardrobe. The job is done just time. Mother and Father come into the igloo to find the penguin chicks sound asleep. Mother thinks her wardrobe looks rather odd; she does not remember leaving it with clothes buldging through its doors. As soon as she touches the wardrobe, all the clothes fall out onto the floor and that wakes Pingu and Pinga up. They ask if Pingu and Pinga can explain what happened, but of course they can not. Mother tidies up the wardrobe and asks if Pingu and Pinga missed them. They say yes, so they give them a hug for looking after the igloo, before going happily to bed.

  • As Pingu and Pinga are playing ball, behind Pingu a speck of Pinga's urine appears on nowhere.

Pingu's Dream[edit]

It's Pingu's bedtime, and he falls asleep while Mother is reading him a story. As Pingu sleeps, the igloo jumps up and down before floating away. His bed then sprout legs and moves around. Although being rattled first, he enjoys riding the bed, but is unaware that a giant walrus is stalking him. Pingu eventually sees it and tries to run away, but the walrus traps him and the bed under the igloo. Then it takes the igloo off and amuses itself by squishing and stretching Pingu as if he were a plaything. The bed tries to escape, but the walrus takes the mattress and eats it like a chocolate bar. While the walrus is distracted, Pingu runs away in terror (as does the bed), but trips over a ledge and falls down a steep mountain slope. The minute he lands at the bottom, he finds out the "snowy mountain" is actually the bed and realizes his misadventure was just a dream. Pingu then sadly tells Mother about the dream as she comforts him.

  • This is the only episode Mother wears glasses.
  • This episode was banned in most countries due to the walrus because it was frightening for a lot of young viewers. However, it is available on the DVD Antarctic Antics.
  • A goof was made in the newer version of the episode because the sound editors forgot to edit out the original audio to replace with the newer audio, making Pingu have 2 voices.
  • Pingu clearly says "Mommy!"