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Po' Monkey's lounge is located in unincorporated Bolivar County, Mississippi outside of Merigold. Located in the Mississippi Delta, it is a juke joint located in cotton fields in a one-room house.[1] The juke joint was founded in 1961 and is considered to be one of the last original juke joints in the south.[citation needed]

These historic music houses have always been places where "farm workers could relax, drink beer, and listen to music." Po' Monkey's is operated by owner William Seaberry, and is only open one night a week, Thursday.[2]

The Mississippi Blues Commission placed a historic marker at the Po Monkey's Lounge in 2009 designating it as a site on the Mississippi Blues Trail for its contribution to the development of the blues (and one of the few authentic juke joints that is still operating today).[3]


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