Isabella of Armenia, Princess of Tyre

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Princess Isabella, Isabelle or Zabel of Armenia (Armenian: Զապել; 1275/1280 – murdered in Armenia before 9 April 1323) was the daughter of Leo II of Armenia. She was married at Nicosia in 1292/1293 to Amalric de Lusignan, by whom she had six children:

  1. Hugh of Lusignan
  2. Henry of Lusignan (died c.1321)
  3. Guy of Lusignan (died 1344)
  4. John of Lusignan (died 1343)
  5. Bohémond of Lusignan (died 1344)
  6. Mary of Lusignan, who married her cousin Leo IV of Armenia

At some time between 1320 and 1323, Isabella, along with her son Henry, was imprisoned and murdered by Oshin of Corycos. Oshin, who was acting as regent for Leo IV of Armenia, wanted to reduce the number of claimants to the throne of the Cilician Kingdom. It's rumored Oshin poisoned Isabella to remove her from the line of inheritance.


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