Roman dam of Belas

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Coordinates: 38°47′36″N 9°14′40″W / 38.793225°N 9.244503°W / 38.793225; -9.244503

The Roman dam of Belas

The Roman dam of Belas (3rd century AD) may have served the city of Olisipo or a local Roman villa (Roman villa of Quinta da Bolacha).[1]

Some 10 km from the city center, the aqueduct starts with a Roman-built brick dam in the Carenque river.

The dam is still visible today (length of 15,5m, 7 m wide and 8 m high). The capacity of the dam was 125.000 m3. Its channel can be followed over some 1,300 m but then its course is lost due to the much modern Águas Livres Aqueduct that was built over the old structures.

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