Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse

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Rose Dixon - Night Nurse
Rosie Dixon-Night Nurse.jpg
Directed by Justin Cartwright
Based on novel by Christopher Wood
Release date(s) 1978
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £300,000[1]

Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse is a 1978 British comedy film directed by Justin Cartwright and starring Debbie Ash, Carolyne Argyle, Beryl Reid and John Le Mesurier.[2] It was based on a novel by Christopher Wood.

A new student nurse arrives at a hospital, attracting interest from the staff with comedic consequences. The film was one of several soft sex comedies released in the seventies to cash in on the success of the 'Confessions' series (also written by Wood under the pseudonym 'Timothy Lea'), and like the Confessions films it was actually adapted from a book (the author's credit going to the fictional Rosie herself). Nine Rosie Dixon novels were published but only the first one was adapted into a movie. The character Penny Sutton, Rosie's best friend in the movie (and in the books) was the star of an earlier series of similar novels which depicted Penny as an airline stewardess.

The film stars Debbie Ash, better known as one of the dance troupe Hot Gossip, and also stars Debbie's sister Leslie Ash (later a TV star in her own right) as Rosie's sister Natalie.



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