Ruschmeyer R 90-230 RG

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Ruschmeyer R90
EEHX Flugzeug.JPG
Role Light touring aircraft
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Ruschmeyer Luftfahrttechnik
First flight 8 August 1988
Number built ~30 [1]
Developed from Ruschmeyer MF-85

The Ruschmeyer R 90-230 RG is a four-seater aircraft equipped with a retractable landing gear, a six-cylinder Lycoming engine and a four-blade propeller. It was built from 1988 to the mid-1990s in Germany. The engine is de-rated for low noise to deliver 231 horsepower. This enables the Ruschmeyer to reach a maximum cruising speed of 175 kts. The R 90 was a new design based on the Ruschmeyer's earlier MF85, making use of a range of modern technologies and materials. The MF85 series was powered by Porsche PFM 3200 engines, but the unavailability of these powerplants led to the development of the Textron Lycoming powered R 90. This model first flew on August 8, 1988, with German certification awarded in June 1992.

Ruschmeyer filed for bankruptcy in 1996, however in 1999 Solaris Aviation was founded, and purchased the assets of Ruschmeyer.[2] Solaris Aviation marketed the R90 as the Solaris Sigma.

Specifications (R 90-230 RG)[edit]

Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1993-94 [3]

General characteristics



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