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The SITI Company is an ensemble-based theater company whose three ongoing components are the creation of new work, the training of young theater artists, and a commitment to international collaboration.

Originally the "Saratoga International Theater Institute," SITI was founded in 1992 by Anne Bogart and Tadashi Suzuki to redefine and revitalize contemporary theater in the United States through an emphasis on international cultural exchange and collaboration. Originally envisioned as a summer institute in Saratoga Springs, New York, SITI has expanded to encompass a year-round program based in New York City with a summer season in Saratoga. SITI believes that contemporary American theater must necessarily incorporate artists from around the world and learn from the resulting cross-cultural exchange of dance, music, art, and performance experiences.

SITI is noted for combining the Viewpoints of Anne Bogart with the Suzuki Method of Actor Training of Tadashi Suzuki. Both techniques are alternatives to the Stanislavski-based Method training which dominates the American stage and screen. Actors in the company regularly train together and use the training as part of their rehearsal and warm-up process. In addition to the year-round program in New York City and the summer institute in Saratoga, SITI teaches both the Viewpoints and the Suzuki Method in residencies and masterclasses at colleges and universities across the United States.

In creating and touring productions, SITI has developed ongoing relationships with theaters and arts centers in both the United States and abroad. The three most significant to SITI's history and development as a company are the Wexner Center for the Arts, the Actors Theatre of Louisville, and the City Theatre in Pittsburgh.

Production history[edit]

Current productions[edit]

Radio Macbeth
Hotel Cassiopeia
Death and the Ploughman
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Past productions[edit]

Systems/Layers (2003)
La Dispute (2003)
Nicholas and Alexandra (2003)
Room (2000-2003)
Bob (1997-2002)
Short Stories (2002)
Lilith (2001)
Hayfever (2001-2002)
War of the Worlds (2000)
War of the Worlds - Radio Play (1999-2003)
Cabin Pressure (1999-2000)
Alice's Adventures (1998-1999)
Seven Deadly Sins (1998)
Culture of Desire (1997-1998)
Private Lives (1998)
Miss Julie (1997)
Going, Going, Gone (1995-1997)
The Adding Machine (1995)
The Medium (1993-1996)
Small Lives/Big Dreams (1994-1997)
Orestes (1992)

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