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Mascot Park is a Danish football stadium in the town of Silkeborg, located in the middle of Jutland. It is home to the Danish Superliga club Silkeborg IF. It's formerly known as Silkeborg Stadion.

The track was founded back in 1925, and in 1943 was also a stadium house built with primitive dressing rooms. By this time Silkeborg Stadion was both football stadium and athletic center with a running track around the lawn. The old stadium house built in Swiss style with balconies are still a part of Silkeborg Stadion although there were built new and modern facilities for league players. When players run on the track it happens from the doors of the stadium building. Since Silkeborg IF achieved great sporting success in the 1990s it was also necessary to have a modern stadium and the stands today consists primarily of covered seating. Away supporters are still forced to watch the match standing. In the year 2000 the running track around the field was closed down and therefore can no longer be used for athletics. This is done instead of Silkeborg Athletics Stadium. Today there is room for 10,000 spectators and will fit approximately 5,500 seats. Stadium record was set back in 1995 when 12,288 spectators watched the match between Silkeborg IF and Brøndby IF. Course size is 105 x 68 meters and lighting is at 1,400 lux. It has been discussed whether to build a new stadium in Silkeborg, as the current traffic conditions and parking options for cars are very bad.

In 2012, the stadium was renamed to Mascot Park, until the end of 2013.

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