6th Prince of Wales's Cavalry

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The 6th Prince of Wales's Cavalry was raised in 1842 at Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, by Lieutenant Ryves.


Shri Sir Nripendra Narayan, Maharaja of Cooch Behar (1862-1911); seen here in the dismounted review order uniform of a British officer of the 6th (Prince of Wales's) Bengal Cavalry

Raised in 1842, they first saw service in the Gwalior campaign earning the battle honour “Punniar”.[1][2] The regiment was part of the 2nd (Sialkot) Cavalry Brigade during the First World War. The various changes and amalgamations are listed below.


  • 1842 8th Irregular Cavalry
  • 1861 Regiment of Bengal Cavalry
  • 1883 6th (The Prince of Wales’s) Bengal Cavalry
  • 1901 6th Prince of Wales’s cavalry
  • 1906 6th King Edward’s Own Cavalry.

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