Sports Illustrated: Championship Football & Baseball

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Sports Illustrated: Championship Football & Baseball
Sports Illustrated: Championship Football & Baseball
North American Box art (Super NES)
Developer(s) Malibu Interactive[1]
Publisher(s) Malibu[1]
Composer(s) Audio Cyber Factory[2] (Super NES version)
Platform(s) Super NES
Game Boy
Game Gear
Release date(s) Super NES: Game Gear: Game Boy:
Genre(s) Sports[1]
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer (up to two players)

Sports Illustrated: Championship Football & Baseball (known in Europe as All-American Championship Football) is a multiplatform sports video game that is licensed by the leading sports magazine, Sports Illustrated, which features both American football and baseball games.

In the American football mode, players can play a complete season of 16 games plus playoffs with 90 different players for both teams.[5] Sometimes, the camera zooms in on the action in American football mode when a play is significant enough to affect the overall game. Baseball mode gives the players 28 unlicensed teams in addition to various offensive and defensive plays.[5] Both season modes come with complete league standings, a complete team/league schedule, and team comparisons to each other prior to each game.


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