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The Stanville Seated Lincoln Statue, or the Second Largest Seated Lincoln Statue in the World is a sculpture commissioned by Eric C. Conn and is located in Stanville, Kentucky. The statue looks over Highway U.S. 23. The statue is 19 feet in height including the base of the statue.


The statue was commissioned by Attorney Eric C. Conn with construction beginning in October 2009. Conn at first commissioned smaller studies of what would become the statue.[1] The statue itself is scheduled to be dedicated on November 4, 2010. November 4, 2010 being the anniversary of the first and only Kentuckian Abraham Lincoln elected to the White House. The stated purpose of the statue is to remind Kentuckians that Abraham Lincoln was born and spent many years of his young developmental life in Kentucky. Attorney Conn financed the entire cost of the statue without any outside financial support. The cost of the statue was $500,000.00.[2]

The statue is located in a small town in rural Kentucky.[3] The estimated population of the rural town of Stanville, Kentucky is 415 based on the 2000 CensusCensus 2000.[4]


The statue stands almost 19 feet in height including the base of the statue. The statue is said to be the second largest seated Lincoln statue in the world.[5] The largest being the Abraham Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C.[6] The statue is white with a white base.[5]

The statue had to be put in place by a crane. It had to be delivered in three pieces due to the large size.[5] The statue weighs over a ton, not counting its cement base that is 16 feet square and six feet high.[5]


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