Stone Sling

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Stone Sling (Videopac)
Stone Sling Coverart.png
Developer(s) Philips
Publisher(s) Philips
Platform(s) Odyssey²/Videopac
Release date(s) 1981 [1]
Genre(s) Strategy Game,[1] Artillery game
Mode(s) Single player, Multi player
Distribution 1 Videopac Cartridge

Stone Sling was one of the games for the Philips Magnavox Odyssey², a console from the 1970s in the 8-bit home video game console era. The game allows for two player simultaneous gameplay where both players have a fortress as well as a catapult used to fire each other. With each hit the fortress' size decreases by a bit. However sometimes if your aim is off, the catapult will miss the fortress and instead hit one of the opposing soldiers. Like other Videopac games, Stone Sling could not compete against Atari games, though the game did do well in Europe and Brazil. In the United States it was sold under the title Smithereens!.



Stone Sling's gameplay consists of aiming the catapults at each other's fortress in a colorful environment with yellow walls, green valleys, blue mountains, and a bright blue river in between the two fortresses. As said above the game can be played among two different people with its multiplayer capabilities.


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