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A stovepipe is the pipe which conducts smoke from a coal or wood-burning stove to its chimney.

Stovepipe may also refer to:


  • Stovepipe hat, tall top hat with a consistent width
  • Stovepipe pants, style of slim-fit pants also known as drainpipes

Computing and information theory[edit]

  • Stovepipe (organisation), where the structure of the organization restricts flow of information through rigid lines of control
  • Stovepipe system, the informal name given to a category of criticisms applied to assemblages of technology, sometimes also referred to as stovepiping
  • Stovepiping, the use of improper channels to pass unvetted information to policy-makers
  • In load balancing (computing), a stovepipe may refer to a method of enterprise design

Economy & Health Care[edit]

  • Stovepipe, is a system created to solve a specific problem. There is limited focus and its data can not be shared. It shows how money funded for research is not evenly allocated- but goes into one specific aid. Stove piping is considered a top down way of thinking, or a vertical approach.
  • [1]


  • Stovepipe Wells, a small way-station in the northern part of Death Valley, in unincorporated Inyo County, California
  • Stovepipe Wells Airport, a public airport located one mile (1.6 km) west of Death Valley National Park, serving Inyo County, California, USA


Other uses[edit]

  • Stovepipe, firearm malfunction in shooting
  • Stovepipe, to describe the shape of a tornado in storm chasing
  • Stovepipe, a play by Adam Brace produced in collaboration with the National Theatre in London in 2009.


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