Suleiman Pasha (Ottoman general)

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Husnu Suleiman Pasha[1] (modern Turkish: Süleyman Hüsnü Paşa) (c. 1838 or 1840, Istanbul –1892, Baghdad) was an Ottoman commander.

Born in Istanbul, his father was a candy merchant. He was graduated from the military school in 1859. Served as an officer in Yenipazar, Herzegovina and Shkodër. He became a major in 1867 then served in Crete. Due to his success during the Crete Rebellion he was promoted two times in succession in 1872 and 1873 to become a mirliva. He then served as the commander of the military schools. He played an important role in displacement of Sultan Abdul Aziz and Murad V's accession to the throne.[2] In May 30, 1876, and was made general of division by Murad V.[3]

He was the chief commander of Ottoman military operations in the Balkan Peninsula during the Russo-Turkish War (1877–78). He was considered as the reason of provocation against Ottoman government. After that war he was sent into military tribunal and then to exile to Baghdad by the Ottoman authorities.[3]


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