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Swedish Blue Ducks

The Swedish Blue duck (in Swedish Svensk blå anka) is a breed of domesticated duck. They are often simply called Swedish[1] or Blue Swedish.[2] It is a landrace originating in southern Sweden.


The Swedish Blue duck is a medium sized bird, male weighs between 3–4 kg,and the female usually weighs 2,5-3,5 kg. Swedish Blue ducks are very calm birds and make good beginner's ducks. They produce 100 eggs per year of 80-90 g weight. They love to free range and will go broody.


The color of Swedish Blue ducks is due to heterozygosity in a color gene. If a Swedish Blue duck and drake breed, the young are the usual 25% / 50% / 25% ratio in:

  • 25%: A homozygous form, black where the blue should be.
  • 50%: As the parents.
  • 25%: The other homozygous form, splashed or silver with combinations of blue and black and white.


Swedish Blue ducks are a relatively popular breed of duck. Swedish population of Swedish Blue duck consists of 163 breeding animals only. It is considered to be an endangered breed.[3] This breed of duck is listed as watch by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.[4]

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