Taymyr River

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The Taymyr River (also known as Taimyra River) is a roughly 400-mile (640 km) long river in the middle of the Taymyr Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk Krai administrative region of the Russian Federation.


  • The Upper Taymyr flows into Lake Taymyr from the west and is the largest river flowing into the lake basin. Its main tributary is the Logata, coming from the right.
  • The Lower Taymyr flows out of Lake Taymyr northwards across the Byrranga mountain region into the Taymyr Gulf. The river's mouth forms an estuary where its waters join the Kara Sea. The Lower Taymyr River freezes up in late September or early October and stays under the ice until June on an average year. Its main tributary is the Shrenk, coming from the left.


Coordinates: 76°06′40″N 99°47′20″E / 76.1111°N 99.7889°E / 76.1111; 99.7889