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Taylor's Bay a settlement located east of Lamaline in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. On a 1744 French map the cove was noted as Baye de Tailleur. William and Martha Bonnell who had moved from Lamaline, is noted as the first settlers to the community.

In 1929 a tidal wave struck this small fishing community destroying many small ships and local stores. Only five of the seventeen houses remained standing. The home of Leo Bonnell was swept across the road by the giant wave. He was later quoted "If that's where God wanted it that's where it will stay” The house remains on that site to this day. A relief committee was established by the Newfoundland government soon after the disaster and provided lumber and other building supplies to reconstruct and build new houses.

The local post office was closed on September 13, 1966. The population was 74 in 1956.

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Coordinates: 46°52′44″N 55°42′56″W / 46.87889°N 55.71556°W / 46.87889; -55.71556