Taylor's Wall

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Taylor's Wall
Taylor's Wall (dvd cover).jpg
Directed by Craig Ross Jr.
Produced by Dawn Karen
Written by Cheryl McKay
Starring Sam Doumit
Lukas Behnken
Marlon Young
Jayne Taini
Dublin James
Jeremy Ray Valdez
Karan Ashley
Distributed by Family Thetaer Productions
Release dates
Running time
28 min.
Language English

Taylor's Wall is a 2001 television film directed by Craig Ross Jr., written by Cheryl McKay and starring Sam Doumit and Lukas Behnken.


A teenage girl, whose brother was the second victim of two shootings on her campus, starts painting the wall in an attempt to end such school violence. The wall also becomes a point of healing and unity for the students as other students, friends of both the shooters and the victims, start helping Taylor paint the wall. A girl's despair...a teacher's challenge. Taylor wonders why her brother had to die. Her world no longer makes sense. Rebelling against the system, she is nearly suspended from school. A charismatic substitute teacher is her only hope. The teacher and his students share powerful journal entries and Taylor decides she can make a difference by finding a creative outlet for her pain.Taylor's brother, before his death, and eventually Taylor herself work to provide a solution to the root causes of random violence and other crimes committed by teens.


Based on the Ascension of Jesus and his farewell challenge to “teach all nations,” this compelling drama depicts the troubling issue of school violence. Taylor Manning is grief-stricken and numb after the shooting death of her brother and is challenged to focus her anger and find a creative outlet for her pain. Recognizing the need for tolerance, respect, restraint and communication, this story will engage parents, teens and teachers.


Actor Role
Sam Doumit Taylor Manning
Lukas Behnken Kyle Manning
Marlon Young Mr. Dubois
Jayne Taini Principal Gates
Dublin James Drew
Jeremy Ray Valdez Arturo
Karan Ashley Jade

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