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Anatomical terms of muscle
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{{Infobox muscle}} displays a right-side infobox showing information about muscles of the body, allowing 2 images to be displayed at the top of the box.


Quadriceps femoris muscle
Illu lower extremity muscles.jpg
Muscles of lower extremity.
Latin musculus quadriceps femoris
Gray's p.470
Origin combined rectus femoris and vastus muscles
Artery femoral artery
Nerve Femoral nerve
Actions Knee extension; Hip flexion (R.Fem. only)
Antagonist Hamstring
Quadriceps femoris muscle
TA A04.7.02.017
FMA FMA:22428
Anatomical terms of muscle

The template is invoked using double-brace syntax (with the result similar to that shown at the right), coded as follows:

{{Infobox muscle
| Name         = Quadriceps femoris muscle
| Latin        = musculus quadriceps femoris
| GraySubject  = 128
| GrayPage     = 470
| Image        = Illu lower extremity muscles.jpg
| Width        = 250
| Caption      = Muscles of lower extremity
| Origin       = combined rectus femoris and [[vastus]] muscles
| Insertion    =
| Blood        = [[femoral artery]]
| Nerve        = [[Femoral nerve]]
| NerveRoot    =
| Action       = [[Knee]] extension; Hip flexion (R.Fem. only)
| PhysicalExam =
| Antagonist   = [[Hamstring]]
| MeshName     =
| MeshNumber   =
| Dorlands     = nine/000622176
| DorlandsID   = Quadriceps femoris muscle
| TA98         = A04.7.02.017
| FMA          = 22428


The template parameters are (note case sensitivity):

Name = English name for structure.
Latin = Latin name for structure.
GraySubject = Gray's Anatomy subject number, such as: 189. For details, see {{Gray's Anatomy link}}.
GrayPage = Gray's Anatomy page number, such as: 825. For details, see {{Gray's Anatomy link}}.
Image = top image (omit "Image:").
Width = width of top image (in pixels, default=250).
Caption = caption under top image.
Image2 = 2nd top image (omit "Image:").
Width2 = width of 2nd image (in pixels, default=250).
Caption2 = caption under 2nd top image.
ImageMap = an image map template
MapCaption = caption for the image map
Origin = any origin text
Insertion = any insertion text
Blood = related arteries
Nerve = related nerves
NerveRoot = related nerve root(s)
Action = use, such as "Knee extension"
PhysicalExam = The physical exam procedure(s) used to test the muscle
Antagonist = opposing muscle
MeshName = MeSH name
MeshNumber = MeSH number code
Dorlands = Dorlands url number, such as: nine/000956217 (before .htm in url).
DorlandsID = Dorlands article name as you want it to appear in the infobox, such as "Quadriceps".
TA98 = TA code. For details, see Template:TA98.
FMA = FMA identifier. For details, see Template:FMA.

Most parameters begin with a capital letter.

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