The Beat Goes On

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"The Beat Goes On"
Single by Sonny & Cher
from the album In Case You're in Love
Released 1967 (1967)
Recorded 1967 (1967)
Genre Pop
Length 3'18"
Label Atco Records
Writer(s) Sonny Bono[1]
Producer(s) Sonny Bono
Sonny & Cher singles chronology
"Living For You" (1966) The Beat Goes On
"A beautiful story" (1967)

"The Beat Goes On" is a Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit song written by Sonny Bono and recorded by Sonny & Cher.[1] It was issued as a single and appeared on their 1967 album In Case You're In Love. It entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart on January 14, 1967, peaking at #6.

Song information[edit]

The backing track for the song was recorded using the renowned group of Los Angeles session musicians who are now collectively known as "The Wrecking Crew". The arrangement is credited to Harold Battiste, but Wrecking Crew bassist Carol Kaye asserts that at the session she devised the distinctive syncopated bass line that is featured on the released recording, replacing the original walking bass line in the prepared arrangement:

Songfacts: "What's an example of one of the songs that you guys really added to and made it into a hit?"
Carol Kaye: "Well, "The Beat Goes On" is a biggie. I mean, it was a nothing song, and then the bass line kind of made that. But you'd have to say all of them. There's only a certain song, like "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" that was guaranteed to be a hit because it was a great song. But about 95% of that stuff would not have been a hit without us, that's true."[2]

"The Beat Goes On" was sung at Sonny Bono's funeral, and the phrase also appears on his tombstone.

Allmusic highlighted this song on In Case album.[3]

Live performances[edit]

Sonny and Cher performed the song many times on their 70s variety hit shows as well as on their concerts. The song was included in the "Sonny and Cher" video montages during Cher's Do You Believe? Tour and The Farewell Tour. Cher performed the song live with Sonny's voice track on her successful Cher at the Colosseum show as well as her 2014 Dressed to Kill Tour.