The Best Part

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The Best Part
Studio album by J-Live
Released May 1, 2001
Recorded 1995–1998
Genre Hip hop
Length 74:23
Label Triple Threat Productions
Producer J-Live and Wes Jackson
J-Live chronology
The Best Part
All of the Above
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Urban Smarts (79 of 100) link 4.5/5 stars link 10/10 stars link

The Best Part is the debut album by underground rapper, J-Live. It was recorded from 1995 to 1998 and featured production by Prince Paul, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock. It was set for a 1999 release, but due to problems with his record label, Raw Shack Records, J-Live left the label and the album was shelved. J-Live moved to Payday Records, but when Payday's parent company London Records was bought from Universal Music Group by WEA, the album was again shelved. In 2001, copies surfaced as bootlegs and several were of such high quality it was rumored that J-Live himself was behind them. By the fall of 2001, after five years of label problems, The Best Part was finally officially released on Triple Threat Productions.

Track Summary[edit]

Track Title Producers Additional Performers
1 "Outside Looking" Young J-Live: Anthony Glover
Emceeologist: Tanya Gerber
2 "Intro" Emmai Alaquiva Host: Takhim Allah
3 "Got What It Takes" 88 Keys
4 "Don't Play" 88 Keys
David Kennedy
Vocals: Ike and Swave of CVEES
5 "Vampire Hunter J" Grap Luva
6 "YES!" Emmai Alaquiva
7 "Them That's Not" Grap Luva
Elliott Thomas
8 "Kick It To The Beat" Pete Rock Verse 1: Probe.dms
Verse 2: Asheru
9 "Wax Paper" Prince Paul
10 "Timeless" Chris Catalyst
11 "Get The Third" Chris Catalyst
12 "School's In (Remix)" 88 Keys
13 "R.A.G.E." DJ Spinna Vocals: Understanding Allah and Takhim Allah
14 "True School Anthem" DJ Spinna
15 "Inside Looking Outro" Emmai Alaquiva
David Kennedy
Emceeologist: Gerber
16 "The Best Part" DJ Premier
17 "Play" 88 Keys
David Kennedy
18 "Braggin' Writes (Revisited)" David Kennedy
19 "Epilogue"