The Cellar (marketing)

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the cellar concept/theme
Gourment small appliances with the cellar logo.
Private label kitchenware with the cellar logo.
display of the cellar concept/theme.
the cellar Private label flatware.

the cellar is the marketing theme or concept for the group of departments that are commonly located on the first floor below ground level at the larger Macy's department store locations. Although every Macy's has such a department, only the larger flagships actually have basement-level space devoted to the cellar concept. The concept was pioneered in 1971 as a gourmet kitchenware marketing concept in the San Francisco flagship store of the Macy's West division. The cellar theme covers appliances, fixtures, kitchenware, and tableware. Macy's stocks a wide range of brands in the cellar, including upscale and gourmet brands, as well as two private labels: "Tools of the Trade" for cookware, cutlery, and kitchen gadgets; and "the cellar" for flatware, dinnerware, and glassware.

In August 2006, the Chicago flagship's basement level transitioned to this concept in preparation from the September Marshall Field's conversion. It did so by posting the themed logos as pictured in its housewares department.