The Way of the Warrior

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For other uses of "Way of the Warrior", see Way of the Warrior (disambiguation).
"The Way of the Warrior"
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 1
Directed by James L. Conway
Written by Ira Steven Behr & Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Featured music Dennis McCarthy
Cinematography by Jonathan West
Production code 401
Original air date October 2, 1995 (1995-10-02)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Adversary"
Next →
"The Visitor"
List of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes

"The Way of the Warrior" is the first episode from the fourth season of the American syndicated science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the 74th episode overall. Michael Dorn joins the series as Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation.



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