Theoctiste of Lesbos

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Theoctiste of Lesbos is a saint of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church.

Born on the island of Lesbos, Theoctiste was orphaned as a child. The saint's relations brought her to a monastery where she was raised in great joy until her 18th year, at which time Theoctiste barely evaded capture by Saracen slavers.

She was taken captive with her sister and other local villagers of Lesbos and brought to the island of Paros. Once on Paros Theoctiste was able to escape. She found refuge in an island church dedicated to the Holy Theotokos and Ever Virgin Mary and dwelt there, as a hermit, for the next 35 years of her life.

Numerous miraculous events are associated with her life and her relics.

Saint Theoctiste of Lesbos died in the late 9th century. She is commemorated on the 9th and 22 November in Eastern Christian Churches, and 10 November in the Roman Catholic Church.[1]

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