Tokyo gubernatorial election, 1999

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Tokyo held a gubernatorial election on April 11, 1999 as part of the 14th unified local elections. Incumbent Yukio Aoshima announced that he would not seek re-election. All major candidates ran as independents but several were supported by major parties. The Liberal Democratic Party, led by Secretary General Yoshiro Mori, supported Yasushi Akashi as a compromise with coalition partner New Komeito, but local LDP legislators divided their support between candidates Ishihara, Masuzoe and Kakizawa.

Author and former Diet member Shintaro Ishihara, who had previously come in second in the 1975 gubernatorial election against incumbent governor Ryokichi Minobe,[1] won the election on a nationalist platform, saying that he would have the United States return Yokota Air Base to Japan and clarify its position on Japan's ownership of the Senkaku Islands. Akashi came in fourth, the poorest showing by an LDP-supported candidate in Tokyo history.[2]

Gubernatorial election 1999: Tokyo
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Shintarō Ishihara 1,664,558 30.47%
DPJ, TSN, Kaikaku Club Kunio Hatoyama 851,130 15.58%
Independent Yōichi Masuzoe 836,104 15.30%
LDP, NK Yasushi Akashi 690,308 12.63%
JCP Mitsuru Mikami 661,881 12.11%
Independent Kōji Kakizawa 632,054 11.57%
Independent Yoshirō Nakamatsu 100,123 1.83%
Turnout 5,510,042 57.87% +7.2%
  • Note: Excludes twelve other candidates, none of whom received more than 0.3% of total votes.