Tukang Bubur Naik Haji The Series

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Tukang Bubur Naik Haji The Series
Genre Religion, comedy
Format Soap opera
Directed by H. Ucik Supra
Starring Mat Solar
Nani Widjaja
Andi Arsyil Rahman
Citra Kirana
Uci Bing Slamet
Aditya Herpavi
Theme music composer Purwacaraka
Opening theme "Haji", Opick
Ending theme same as opening
Country of origin Indonesia
Original language(s) Indonesian
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 1.008 (as of December 30, 2013)
Executive producer(s) Elly Yanti Noor
Producer(s) Leo Sutanto
Location(s) Jakarta
Running time 180 minutes (20:15-23:00,weekdays)
Production company(s) SinemArt Productions
Distributor SinemArt
Original channel RCTI
Audio format Stereo
Dolby Digital 5.1
Original run May 28, 2012 – present
Preceded by Yusra dan Yumna
External links
[www.sinemart.com Website]

Tukang Bubur Naik Haji The Series (Porridge Seller Did Hajj The Series) is an Indonesian soap opera that aired on RCTI every day on 19.15 s.d 22.30. It was produced by SinemArt. Players such as Mat Solar, Uci Bing Slamet, Citra Kirana, Aditya Herpavi Rachman, and much more appeared.


Cast As Relation
Mat Solar Hajj Sulam Emak Son's
Hajjah Rodhiyah Husband
Uci Bing Slamet Hajjah Rodhiyah Emak Daughters In Law
Hajj Sulam Wife
Nani Widjaja Emak Hajj Sulam Mother
Andi Arsyil Rahman Robby Hajjah Rodhiyah Younger Brother
Rumanah Husband
Citra Kirana Rumanah Hajj Muhidin And Hajjah Maemunah Daughters
Robby Wife
Latief Sitepu Hajj Muhidin Rumanah Father's
Maemunah Husband's
Shinta Muin Hajjah Maemunah Rumanah Mother's
Muhidin Wife
Derry Sudarisman Mahmud Rumanah Uncle's
Hajj Muhidin and Hajjah Maemunah Younger Brother
Atikah Husband
Aditya Herpavi Rachman Rahmadi Hajj Rasyidi and Hajjah Rasyidi Son's
Rere Husband
Dorman Borisman Hajj Rasyidi Hajjah Rasyidi Husband
Rahmadi Father
Lulu Zakaria Hajjah Rasyidi Hajj Rasyidi Wife
Rahmadi Mother
Alice Norin Rere Robby Friend
Rahmadi Wife
Abdel Achrian Uncle Nelan Emak Younger Brother
Hajj Sulam and Hajjah Rodhiyah Uncle
Ncum Husband
Hisyam and Afifah Father
Ravi Romario Joni Hajj Sulam and Hajjah Rodhiyah Son's
Emak Grandchild
Ujang Ronda Sobari Atikah And Laila Father
Mega Aulia Atikah Sobari Daughter
Laila Older Sister
Mahmud Wife
Intan Pramita Dewi Laila Sobari Daughter
Atikah Younger Sister
Ricky Malau Ali Subadar/"Badar" Sobari and Mahmud Friend
Salim Bungsu Hajj Ojo Worker's in stores Hajj Sulam
El Manik Ustadz/Hajj Zakaria Maryam Husband
Farid and Maesyaroh Father
Marini Zumarnis Ummi/Hajjah Maryam Ustadz Zakaria Wife
Farid and Maesyaroh Mother
Cut Syifa Maesyaroh Ustadz Zakaria and Ummi Maryam Daughter
Farid Younger Sister
Ali Syakieb Ahmad Jamal Ustadz Zakaria Cousin
Juan Christian Bennedict Farid Ustadz Zakaria and Ummi Maryam Son's
Maesyaroh Older Brother
Ana C. Pinem Tiyah Hajjah Maemunah Cousin
Wingky Harun Grandfather Dawud Rumanah Grandfather
Sumijati Grandmother Leha Rumanah Grandmother
Binyo Sungkar Tarmidzi Infotainment
Rusdi Syarief Malih Infotainment
Lenny Charlotte Umi Enok Epih Mother
Edy Oglek Kardun Former Husband Romlah
Nova Soraya Romlah Kardun Wife
Johannes Wahyudi Rudi Bank Manager
Asri Pramawati Epih Umi Enok Daughter
Tika Putri Mutiara Togu Daughter
Hamka Siregar Togu Mutiara Father
Cut Keke Retno Rere Mother
Rico Tampatty Mr. Nur Rere Father
Dina Lorenza Riyamah Romlah Bestfriend
Chelssie Baker Cathy Former Wife Mahmud
Aspar Paturuzi Mr. Lahmaka
Adam Rama Hisyam Uncle Nelan Son's
Dewi Alam So'imah Sobari Wife
Atikah and Laila Mother
Anggi Rahmadi Daughter's
Bayu Rahmadi Son's
Kokom Hajj Muhidin Store Cassier
Togu Store Cassier
Dwi Ayu Kurnia Entin Umi Enok Maid
Mat Oli Syape'i Security guard in the village
Tyas Wahono Ustadz Sulthony Board Mosque
Alif Hajj Sulam and Hajjah Rodhiyah Son's
Daus Atikah Son's
Iqbal Mr. Lahmaka Son's
Afifah Uncle Nelan Daughter's
Ncum Daughter's
Hisyam Younger Sister
Willa Julaiha Ncum Uncle Nelan Wife
Afifah and Hisyam Mother
Sisy Syahwardi Neneng Markoneng Kardun Wife No. 2
Eti Suketi Kardun Wife No. 1
Rawun Kardun Son's
Johan Jehan Hajj Sutimin Hajj Sulam Bestfriend
Merry Mustaf Elsa People who offer jobs to Rumanah
Zahwa Aqila Afifah

Guest star[edit]

  • Kristen Bauer (Deputy Ambassador of the United States) (in the Sesion Ramadhan)
  • Ustadz Yusuf Mansur
  • Johannes Wahyudi (Rudi, the bank manager and robber mastermind)
  • Tri Noviardi Thamrin (Bank robber)
  • Richard Aditya Nugraha (Bank robber's accomplice)
  • Johannes Charles (Bank teller who got murdered by the bank robbers)


The story Porridge Up Hajj is like watching the daily life of the community, which includes our own behavior. There is a trend we want to show off. How do we always look pure when what we do is often cruel? Even the people who have helped us though. Falsehood-falsehood that only we alone knew, always makes us smile embarrassed. All are presented in a sweet and funny character in the series this.

There Haji Sulam (Mat Solar), a patient, always smiling, he has a business chicken porridge. Thanks to the perseverance and sincerity, he was able to enlarge the business and pilgrimage chicken porridge. Haji Sulam live with Rodiah (Uci Bing Slamet) his wife, and Mother (Nani Wijaya). Neighbor Haji Sulam, H. Muhidin (Latief Sitepu) and Hj. Maemunah (Shinta Muin), somehow always hostile to his family. Even their children, Rumanah (Citra Kirana) prohibited from dealing with Robby (Andi Arsyil), sister-in-law Haji Sulam. These slanders about Sulam Haji family came. How Sulam address the Haji family a favor and trials that he and his family face daily?


Tukang Bubur Naik Haji The Series is a soap opera that is ranked fourth after Cinta Fitri, Putri yang Ditukar, and Islam KTP.


Title No. of Episodes Season
Tukang Bubur Naik Haji The Series 1008 episodes (aired) 1 season
Cinta Fitri 1002 episodes 7 season
Putri Yang Ditukar 676 episodes 1 season
Islam KTP 558 episodes 1 season

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