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Seat of the Székely Land
12th century–1876

Coat of arms of Udvarhelyszék

Coat of arms

Capital Székelyudvarhely
 -  Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin 10–11th century
 -  Settlement of the Székelys 12th century
 -  Administrative reform of the Kingdom of Hungary 1876
 -  1867 96,929 
Today part of Romania
Odorheiu Secuiesc is the current name of the capital.

Udvarhelyszék (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈudvɒrhɛjseːk]) was one of the Székely seats in the historical Székely Land.

Situated on the western part of the Székely Land, it was the main seat (Hungarian: anyaszék, Latin: sedes principalis, sedes capitalis) for a significant period, being the home of the Count of the Székelys and the Székely National Assembly; it also fulfilled the main administrative and judiciary functions.

It administered two sub-seats (Hungarian: fiúszék, Latin: sedes filialis): Bardócszék and Keresztúrszék.


The religious make-up of Udvarhelyszék in 1867 was the following:

  • Total: 96,929



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