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Gecko is the playa name and the Wikipedia nom de plume of Jason Wells. He recently completed a undergraduate degree in philosophy from UCSD, focusing on logic, epistemology, philosophy of mind, neurophilosophy and knowledge representation. In the old days he used to work right next to 24 Hour Church of Elvis. JustFred is a friend of his.

His Wikipedia-expressed interests (both in the form of edits and newly introduced content) include:


Harvard College, Harvey Mudd College, Jefferson College, List of University of California, San Diego people, Mesa College Foundation, SLCC, San Diego City College, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego Miramar College, Source, UMSL

Burning Man[edit]

Black Rock Beacon, Burning Man, Decompression party, Fuego de los Muertos, List of regional Burning Man events, Shangri La Village, SF Decompression, Xara Dulzura

Cognition and Mind[edit]

Charles Peirce, China Brain, Computational Semiotics, Concept map, Conceptual graphs, Consensus theory of truth, Existential graph, Index of cognitive science articles, Pragmaticism, Pragmatism, Semiosis, Semiotics, Sign, Sign (semiotics), Symbol


CIPA, Dia, Diagramming software, Dynix, Freenet, History of the Internet, Inspiration Software, Internet Explorer, Inxight, Kivio, List of concept mapping software, Microsoft Visio, OmniGraffle, Omni Group, Semantic Research, Sandstorm (vehicle), Sequent, Shred, SRA International, SYS Technologies,

Green Tech[edit]

Compact fluorescent lamp, Electricity, List of wind turbine manufacturers, Savonius_wind_turbine, Xethanol

Music and Audio[edit]

Comparison of media players, Dumbek, Dumbek rhythms, Ripping, Rhythmbox, Sound Juicer


Biodiesel, Chevrolet, Diesel, Dodge Ram Van, Dodge Ram Wagon, Dodge Sprinter, GMC Truck, List of Dodge automobiles, List of diesel automobiles, Quiet Achiever, Van, Vortec, World Solar Challenge


(Note: These pages do not necessarily reflect my interests. Some do, while others are simply edits or filling in glaring omissions.)

Belly dance, Blackjack, Bud Tribble‎, Cabaret, Calico (fabric), Calico (fish), David E. Shaw, Dor Daim, Espadrilles, Five Hindrances, FMSO, Four benevolent animals, Gazelle, Herpesviridae, HIDTA, Joel Hodgson, Kim Stanley Robinson‎, List of Buddhist topics, Nathan East‎, New York State Police, Pete Stark, Poverty Point, Quebec French, Repertory theatre, Rivalrous, Sandal, Sandstorm, Shape (Go), Shoe, Show, Sole, Solway Lass, Stolichnaya, Talisman, Talisman Dance Company, Tall ship, US Steel, Zinio

To do[edit]

AGENCY.COM, chimerical colors, Eagle River Interactive, Grinnell Point, International Scout II, Jabber World Map, John Harlan Drais, Kurukulla, Mark Hinkley, neuronal fatigue, outside source, Phoenix Feeley, quintrino, The San Diego Foundation, Semantic object model, Sinclair Stratton, Soul in the Machine, Southern Cross Sailing Adventures, StoreRunner Networks, Tapestry Computing, Tapestry Solutions, topiCS (journal)

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