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First publication (1974)

Veronica's Room is a theatrical play by Ira Levin (an author best known for Rosemary's Baby), originally mounted in 1973.


The play opens with an elderly couple inviting a young girl (Susan) and her date, whom they had spotted while dining at a restaurant, to visit the bedroom of a dead girl (Veronica) that they knew and who looked like Susan.

The young pair accept the invitation, led by curiosity to see a photograph that shows Veronica's likeness. Before long, they are trapped in an unexpected situation that leads to a dramatic ending.


It's been rumored Screen Gems in association with Walden Media will adapt a possible film based on the play. It's been said it may be starred by Tilda Swinton and Rooney Mara. In India, an adapted version exists in Marathi language named "Vaishali chi Kholi" enacted by Kshama Raaj, Vilas Raaj, K.Vrushali in 80s/90s and now running in Marathi theatres as "Vaishali Cottage" enacted by Amita Khopkar, Tejaswini Pandit, Shirish Ghag and Sankarshan Karhade which seems a good.

Original play[edit]

At its original presentation in 1973, Eileen Heckart played the elderly female, Arthur Kennedy played the elderly male, Regina Baff played the girl (Susan), and Kipp Osborne played the young man (Susan's date).

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